Yummy Treats from Durians – Part 2

Last time I talked about the yummy durian yema tower. As I had said, there are many treats made from durians and you will see lots of those treats if you visit Davao City. Here are the other yummy treats from durians:
Durian Pasalubong

The durian treats on the above photo are the popular durian candy, durian polvoron and durian tart. People visiting Davao City usually go to the stalls beside the Magsaysay Park just to buy these treats as their pasalubong when they go home.

The most popular of the treats made from durians is the durian candy. As the name suggest, this candy made of durian. The durian smell is not that strong in durian candy that is why people who can’t eat durian because of the smell choose to eat durian candy instead.

Another treat made from durians is the durian polvoron. For those who don’t know what polvoron or pulburon is, please visit my article about polvoron. Durian polvoron is the same as the regular polvoron but was made special because of the durian ingredient. Just like in durian candy, the smell is not that strong in durian polvoron.

My least favorite is treat made from durians is the durian tart. I don’t like it much because the breading of the tart is thick as compared to the durian placed in this durian treat. Because of this, I taste the breading more instead of the durian. Of all the pasalubong items, the tart is my least favorite. I have the same complaint with pili tart.

Only my father and I eat fresh durian fruit. My mother, my brothers and my sister are not fans of durians because they don’t like the smell. They prefer treats made from durians like the yema tower, durian candy, durian polvoron and the durian tart. When I brought those durian treats home, they gobbled them up in no time.


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  1. I had some photos of durian fruit lately when i visited supermarket here in UAE surprised lang na makita ito.

  2. I can certainly understand why you don't like the durian tart cos the breading is thick and you hardly eat any durians right? Haha! Well, in any case, I always prefer to eat the durian fruit itself. Coming a close second is durian with sticky rice. And third, durian ice cream, and lastly, durian candy :)

  3. Aba at may durian polvoron na pala! Gusto ko matikman yan!

  4. Diamond:

    Wow. May durian na din d'yan sa UAE. Baka galing pa yang durian na 'yan sa Davao or sa Zamboanga ah.


    Durian sticky rice? That is the first time I heard about durian prepared that way. Maybe it is time for that dish to be imported into the Philippines. ^_^


    Meron na talagang durian polvoron ate Anney. Nagulat nga ako na marami palang variety ng pasalubong items na gawa sa durian maliban sa durian candy.

  5. Here we have very nice durian desserts - pancakes, swiss rolls...and the Thai dessert - durian with glutinous rice and rick coconut cream poured over it.... Yum!!!

  6. STP

    The name of those dessert sound delicious. I want to taste them.


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