Three More Weeks of Hokey Pokey

It had been decided, I am leaving the bank that I am working for and transfer to a government agency that promises a better work that is in-line with my profession. With my resignation, bridges were burned and relationships went sour, a thing which I do not want to happen.

Someone said that our boss in our department is mad at me (and I suppose that that is true). I do not want to have enemies. They make me uncomfortable, especially if they are near me and I can’t do anything about it. But then again, such things are bound to happen. I just console myself with this saying that I made:

“For a person to progress, one must not hesitate to burn bridges and embitter some relationships, if necessary.”

Our future is in our hands. One must not be influenced by ideas like “hiya” and “pakikisama.” These things keep us from moving freely and are detriment to our progress.

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