No Refund? No Way!

Is it the fault of the customer if the product that he/she had bought is not functioning? Isn’t it the fault of the company that made the faulty product?

These are the questions that whirl inside my head as I feel exasperated with CDR – King. This company is popular for selling affordable computer accessories and gadgets in the Philippine market. I also know that this company is popular for manufacturing gadgets that lasted only for some months.

I have been searching for a 5 meters long USB extension cord for my personal computer. The one that I was searching is a USB cable that has a signal booster. Apparently, this item is rare because other computer shops do not have this item. Fortunately (as I thought), the Cd-r King branch along Ongpin Street in Binondo has one remaining stock of the extension cord that I was looking for.

That Cd-r King branch does not have a personal computer that could be used to check if the USB cable is functional, so I place my trust in the company and believe that the cord is not faulty.

I was wrong. The cord can’t be recognized by my home computer and my office computer. I even went to other Cd-r King branch to have the cord tested. The technicians said that the USB cable is indeed faulty.

I went back to the Cd-r King branch along Ongpin for a refund, just to be disappointed because the clerks insisted that they do not do a refund for their faulty products. What they only offer is the exchange of other items. Any product will do, as long as the total amount of items that I chose will equal the price of the faulty item. I protested, but they keep insisting on their stand and told me that I will be stuck with their faulty item if I hadn’t made an exchange within the one-week warranty period.

Luckily for me, I found an alternative for the item that I need. But how about other customers that could not find an alternative. This no return policy causes them to be stuck with the malfunctioning products or with products that they do not need. This policy is wrong and an injustice to their customers.

Is the “no return policy” a company policy of Cd-r King, or is it just the whim of their clerks at their Ongpin branch? I need some clarification. Maybe sending a complaint to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will straighten things out. Abangan…

P.S. Never buy Cd-r King products at their Ongpin branch because the clerks there are not “customer friendly” and they do not have computer to test the products that you are buying. I recommend the branch at Cyberzone in SM North because the staff there are approachable and go the “extra mile” to serve their customers.

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  1. Unfortunately, "No Return Policy" is really a company policy of cd-r king. It sucks. I know how you feel. I just bought an optical mouse from them and I'm regretting it already. The mouse makes squeaking noises plus the buttons are very hard to click. I think I'm gonna have carpal tunnel syndrome if I use continue to use it!

  2. Talaga? That's is really ungood. :-(

    Pasalamat sila at may alternative akong nakuha.

    You know Mariel, you bought a mouse that's why it squeek. Hehehe.

  3. It's really annoying.. And yes, it literally sounds like a mouse! Haha.

  4. ay thats sad to hear..i love pa naman cdr-king kasi parang all you need is there...sayang naman..buti na lang you got an alternative..and i hope this time its good na ;p

  5. You know, you should thank Cd-r King. At least they did not give you a mouse that bites.


  6. You know, you should thank Cd-r King. At least they did not give you a mouse that bites.


  7. Mai Mai! Na miss kita. :-)

    Maganda nga sana ang Cd-r King pero marami ang nagrereklamo at marami ring disappointed. Pero at least nga may nakuha akong kapalit sa kailangan ko. Ok naman ang performance ng kapalit.

    Meron nga akong kakilala sa Facebook na dismayado. Sabi nya hanggang Australia may dismayed sa product nila.

  8. oh that's unfair .. if the item is broken or not functioningproperly, i guess it deserve for an exchange or a refund...

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    it's nice to be here in your blog and i hope e could be friends too

    happy Sunday

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  11. @bluedreamer

    Yeah, you are correct. But that is their policy. I know that customers can change this policy by making it clear to them that they are being unfair. Not patronizing their products is one of theways to send our message across.

    Bloggers can also share their experiences about this policy. We know that bloggers have to power to influence companies to mend their ways.

    @Feed Your Mind

    Yay! My very first award. Thank you thank. I am delighted and very much honored. :-)


    Thanks for the visit. That's nice. :-) We could be friends. I want to have more blogger friends. I will be visiting you my friend. :-)

  12. Wow, this is so ridiculous!!! I would say, I'll wait for your feedback on the complaint you have DTI's feedback? Keep us all posted...tado yun a! (forgive the language)

  13. Ok lang yung word mo. Meron ngang artista Tado namae niya eh. Hehe.

    Nope, wala akong feedback from DTI. Dapat siguro lahat ng disappointed ay i-bombard ang Cd-r King ng complaints

  14. i think it will be best if you file a complaint or inquiry to DTI yourself. I have encountered situations like this and that policy sounds ridiculous to me.

  15. Yeah...CD-R King's policy is indeed ridiculous but they are at advantage when applying that policy. As for me, I am staying away from gadget that have CD-R King brand on it.

    As for the DTI, I think it is too late for me to go to them personally. This problem of mine is too long time ago.

    Thanks for the visit Dimaks. :-)

  16. in RA7394 it states that an imperfect product kapag under pa sya ng warranty tapos di nacorrect within thirty days pedeng ipareimburse,... Section 100,..

    1. Well, mukhang hindi sinusunod ng CDR-King ang batas na ito.

    2. Hintayin nyu biglang ma T3 yan .... lalong lalo na ngaun kabibili ko lang nung item... Dadala pa ako abogado dyan... saka police... ay saka pede pala tayu mag Citizens arrest eh...

    3. Naku, patay sila kung ma-T3. Puro mura abutin nila sa Tulfo brothers. :-p

      Haay...pero dito makikita kung gaano ka-lousy magtrabaho ang DTI. Hindi man lang nila maipatupad ang batas sa isang tindahan na tulad ng CD-R King. Kailangan pa talaga na magreklamo pa ang maraming tao bago sila kumilos.


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