When Daragang Magayon Removed Her Veil

Legend says that Mayon Volcano marks the grave of the most beautiful princess in the whole Bicolandia. She is so beautiful that the legend only refer to her as Daragang Magayon or “beautiful maid.”

I feared that I will not see the beauty of Mayon Volcano during my visit to Legazpi City. The volcano is always hiding behind the clouds. I waited for a long time but the weather is not improving. Rains, fogs and cloudy skies accompanied me in the days of my stay in Legazpi.

However, in one rare moment, Daragang Magayon heard my plea and removed her veil. At least I saw her beauty!
Mayon Volcano as viewed from Legazpi City, Bicolandia

I even saw the world-famous perfect cone of Mayon Volcano.
Mayon Volcano's perfect cone.

Now I understand why Bicolanos of old made the story of Daragang Magayon the legend of Mayon Volcano. The volcano is indeed beautiful. It is way prettier than Taal Volcano of Batangas.

The legend of Mayon Volcano is a tragic one. Daragang Magayon, because of her beauty, has many suitors. She turned down mighty warriors, datus, and rajahs. She fell in love with a Tagalog prince named Ulap. One of Daragang Magayon’s unfortunate suitors became angry and killed Ulap and Daragang Magayon. The two lovers were placed side by side in a grave, which rose higher and higher until it became Mayon Volcano.

Daragang Magayon is known for her beauty but I think the tragedy of her life made her a cruel maiden. Mayon Volcano spewed smoke and lava since time immemorial. The volcano buried many towns, one of which is the town of Cagsawa that I will talk in the next blog post.
View of Mayon Volcano from Legazpi Port, Bicolandia
Mayon Volcano's veil is creeping back.

Seeing Mayon Volcano’s beauty should be the top priority when visiting Legazpi City. Thus, you should visit Legazpi City before the onset of rainy season. Go during the season when there is no cloud that will block the view of Mayon Volcano’s perfect cone.

As for me, my visit to Legazpi City is somehow complete. I am glad that Daragang Magayon removed her veil even for just a moment.

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  1. never seen mayon and sad nga lng di sya included on the wonders no

  2. Oo nga MeCoy. Baka sa tingin ng iba hindi "wonderful" ang Mayon Volcano kaya hindi isinama sa 7 Wonders.

  3. I know Mayon - noted for its perfect cone shape. Taught that in Geography - I used to teach the subject long ago.

  4. Wow STP! I thought that you are only an English teacher. You also teach Geogrpahy subjects. You are an all around teacher, huh?

  5. I wanna visit Mayon Volcano!! It looks beautiful with the nice cone shape! But are you allowed to climb the volcano, or can only watch from afar?

  6. Pinagpala ka na timing mo.Minsan lang akong umuwi ng bicol dumadaan lang at natutulog ng isang gabi sa Legaspi before my flight pabalik ng Manila dalawang beses ng hindi yan nagpapakita at laging nagtatago sa likod ni ULap ngayon, alam ko na kung bakit sa kwento mo.

  7. FoongPC

    I think that climbing Mayon Volcano is allowed when the volcano has a good mood. I heard that there is a rest house on the slopes of Mount Mayon.


    Mahirap pala ma-tiyempuhan si Daragang Magayon. Pinagpala nga ako nang magpakita siya. :-)

  8. I've always wanted to visit Mayon volcano. =)

  9. Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



  10. Summer time siguro maganda mag visit dyan! Parang may construction na nagaganap sa harapan. San ba yan?

  11. one word to describe Mt. Mayon - MAJESTIC!

  12. Average Jane

    Sana magkaroon ka ng chnace na mabisita ang Mayon Volcano.


    I will think about it. I am more inclined not to link you back. Sorry for that.


    Nasa Legazpi Port ako ng panahon na lumitaw yung Mayon Volcano. Full blown ang construction sa pier kaya may mga equipments sa photo.


    Majestic talaga ang Mayon Volcano. :-)


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