LRT Art 2009

I didn’t anticipate that my travel by train last Friday will give me an added bonus. Aside from escaping the traffic and the flooded streets caused by heavy rains, I also chanced upon an art exhibit in the Cubao Station of LRT Line 3. The exhibit showcases that entries of various painters for the LRT Art 2009. The paintings should contain a depiction of the LRT or the train and connect it with society.
Obviously, many paintings were for propaganda or painted to delight the management of LRTA. However, many of the paintings are good to behold and here are my favorites:
LRT Art - Time Machine
"Time Machine" by Clarence Cantiveros.
LRT Art - Pumasok sa Ginhawa
"Pumasok sa Ginhawa" by John Carlo Jacinto.
LRT Art - Puno ng Kulay ang Una Kong Paglalakbay
"Puno ng Kulay ang Una Kong Paglalakbay" and Ricky Ambagan.
LRT Art - Lahat Pantay-pantay sa LRT Sumasakay
"Lahat Pantay-pantay sa LRT Sumasakay" by Redentor Castillo.
LRT Art - Ang Pundasyon ng Transportasyon
"Ang Pundasyon ng Transportasyon" by Deoner Catamora.
LRT Art - Ladder of Dreams
"Ladder of Dreams" by Rommel Ramota.

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  1. those are definitely cool masterpieces!! thanks for sharing, ish! :)

  2. This reminds me of the painting activity I could have enjoyed in Humanities today. Absent ako, unfortunately.
    When was this held? I wish LRT 2 had the same exhibit. Is the train door depicted on the 2nd painting really a painting? It looks so natural.

  3. @claire:

    You are welcome. Hehehe. Kahit papaano marunong din ako tumingin ng painting. :-)


    Tin! Absent ka uli! :-) Hehehe. Yap painting yung door ng LRT. As in. May reflection pa nga kunwari sa door no.

    Yun nga yung favorite ko sa lahat eh.

  4. 'i love deoner catamora's painting!awesome...^_^

  5. Yeah Anon, Catamora's painting is awesome.

    But my favorite is Clarence Cantiveros' painting


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