Prayer for the Dead

This morning, I received a SMS message from an acquaintance/friend of mine. She said:

“Patay na pastor ko! Yung naikwento ko sa iyo na dinalaw namin ni [name of boyfriend] sa ospital noon.” (My pastor is dead! He is the one I told you that we visited in hospital).

Then I replied saying that I am sending my condolences to her that I will pray for her pastor’s soul and ask God to forgive all his transgressions so that he will be worthy to stand by His side forever.

Then she answered me this SMS:

“Saved ang pastor ko, no need to pray for his soul because we are sure that his soul is already in heaven. He died last Tuesday.”

I was stumped. I mean, I can’t reply immediately because I was baffled by her SMS reply. Why would a deceased person will not require or need the prayer of other people here on earth, specifically those who love him. All people need prayer even if they are alive or already dead.

I do not want to start an argument with her, but I believe that they are blinded because they ignore the power of prayer and the wonders that it could do. Or is it simply because that the deceased person is a pastor that a prayer for the forgiveness of all his sins is not needed. They are committing a great blunder, specifically that of PRIDE. And PRIDE is a one of the seven most dangerous sin.

Every dead people should be prayed over and we should humbly ask Jesus to heal the person. Since they do not to pray for Him, I’ll be the one to pray for him.

Prayer for the Dead

Dear God, I come upon you once again to ask a great favor.

Lord, it came to my knowledge that a pastor died last Tuesday.

My God, I beseech you to forgive all his sins and that of his ancestors.

Please, remember not his evil thought and deeds.

Please keep in mind his goodness and the love of many people.

May this unknown pastor find eternal rest in Your kingdom.

May he be worthy to see Your face in the end of days.

I pray this in the name of Jesus the Lord.

Who reigns with you, forever and ever, with the Holy Spirit.

One God.


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