Malunggay Wars! TaiChi vs Natalac vs Mega Malunggay

Malunggay Increase Breast milk supply
My Beloved Wife Lei is determined to breastfeed our Little Samantha now that she's a stay-at-home mom.

She followed every advice for increasing her milk supply. She eats masabaw food like tinola and nilaga. Almost all of our ulam are filled with malunggay since it is known to boost milk supply.

Unfortunately, sabaw and fresh malunggay leaves are not enough. Lei noticed that she couldn't keep up with Little Samantha's demand. So, she decided to take malunggay capsule despite the fact that she abhors taking any kind of medicine or pill.

Lei tried three malunggay capsule brands, namely, TaiChi Moringa, Natalac, and Mega Malunggay.

TaiChi Moringa

Little Samuel's ninang introduced Moringa to us and thus this is the first brand that Lei tried.

Moringa boosted Lei's milk supply but not enough to meet Samantha's demand. I guess this is because Lei took it only once to twice a day.

I believe that TaiChi Moringa is the cheapest among three malunggay supplements. It is available from Mercury Drug and other drugstores.


Natalac malunggay food supplement
(Source: Joys of a Wife & Mom)

Natalac was recommended by Lei's Ob/Gyne. Unfortunately, Natalac is 1 peso per capsule more expensive than TaiChi Moringa. Also, Natalac’s capsule has fewer milligrams than TaiChi.

We didn't buy any Natalac capsule again.

Mega Malunggay

Mega Malunggay from VPharma
(Source: VPharma)

We discovered Mega Malunggay when I stumbled Joy Mastilla’s blog while searching for tips on boosting Lei's breast milk supply.

Mega Malunggay from VPharma is only available through online delivery. Good thing that VPharma has a website where we can order their malunggay capsules.

A box of Mega Malunggay, containing 100 capsules, costs 950 pesos.

Lei noticed that her milk supply increased after drinking Mega Malunggay. I am not sure though if it’s because Mega Malunggay is better or just because she takes 3 capsule a day.

Baby Samantha is two months now and she looks healthy. I believe that she’s also advanced for her age since she’s starting to do things that are normally done during 4 to 6 months of baby’s development stage.

This just proved that breast milk is indeed the best for babies.

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  1. talaga nga namang malupit ang malunggay in all aspects ano?! more than anything, natutuwa talaga ako in reading this kind of a post. Kayu ni milton yung matuturing kong BFF sa blogging e, and reading this from you about your family, im happy that i've seen your journey as a father!

    more power sayo, sa family at babies ish!

    1. I am glad to know na BFF tayo sa blogging. :-)

      Maraming salamat.

  2. Nothing beats what nature has given. Scientifically, breast milk is really the best.

    Thanks for featuring. I always buy malunggay capsule too. :)

    1. Thank God at may malunggay capsule talaga. Kung hindi mahihirapan si misis at si bunso.

  3. Everybody's into planting the plant these days, works wonders, it seems and of course, natural is best.

    1. Malunggay is the hype these days. I read somewhere that it can prevent cancer in the digestive tract.

  4. Now I am wondering what other benefits from Malunggay can we get. Google time! Congratulations to your baby!

    1. I read somewhere that malunggay can prevent cancer in our digestive tract.

  5. I've been using tai chi malunggay for a month . But unfortunately phased out na sya sa mercury drug store.. Hiyang ako sa tai chi 500mg once a day ko lang sya tine take pero solve naa si baby the whole day.. Unli latch

    1. Sayang ano? Try another alternative. Or I think meron pang Tai Chi sa ibang drug stores.

  6. Meron pa sa watson ng tai chi malungay

  7. How to order po? Meron bah branch dito sa cebu?

    1. Mega Malunggay po ba yung tinutukoy n'yo? I think they can deliver Mega Malunggay sa Cebu.

      If you want to be sure of the info, I suggest that you visit the V Pharma website.


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