Harry Potter 6 is Disappointing

I went to Trinoma yesterday to watch the movie adaptation of the book Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. All I could say is that I am disappointed with the movie. It is a basic fact that the movie can not measure up against the book since the book is more detailed and the movie is limited in time and budget. However there are so many things that are amiss that I think should be included in the movie.

The Tension of Draco

Aside from the main protagonists, Draco should be given more focus since his role is essential in the story. The movie should also show the tension experienced by Draco Malfoy. It is given that Voldemort gave him an almost impossible mission to kill Dumbledore. The movie showed snippets of Draco, but I believe he should be given more exposure. I need to see more emotions coming from Malfoy.
Harry Potter 6 - Severus Snape

Dull Moments

The movie also has its many dull moments. Even the scene of Dumbledores death is not that exciting. The movie also seems to be a bit rushed. There are sudden cuts between scenes that surprised me. However, I think that is the result of condensing the whole book into 2 and a half hour movie.

There are so many things that happened in the book that were not included and many of things are essential. The attack of the Death Eaters to the house of the Weasley’s is not included in the book and I do not know the purpose why it was included in the movie.

The magic that is present in the previous installments were also gone.

Wow Moments

My favorite part of the movie is the first scene where the deatheater’s kidnapped the wandmaker Ollivander. The death eaters mode of traveling as jets of dark clouds is good to watch.

Another part that I liked is whenever Harry and Dumbledore enters the pensieve so as to watch the memories of people. I like to see dark ink floating down the water and forms the memory of the person.

I also liked the scene where Harry and Dumbledore enter Voldemort’s secret cave. However, I think that it still lack the tension that is in the book and the scene is also a bit rushed.
Harry Potter 6 and the Half Blood Prince
The actors and actresses did their work well. I especially liked Snape and Dumbledore. I just wish that  they gave more exposure to my favorite character, which is Luna Lovegood.

All in all, the movie is fine but it did not meet my expectations. Reading the book and completing the text with imagination is better.

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  1. i have to agree here,,, they also give focus again to ginny weasly .... and i have to say that it is true dumbledore's death is not so exciting and i feel a little bored ...
    though overall i found it good and make me so excited for the next and i think the last installment

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  3. whoa... thanks for sharing ish.. i haven't watched the movie yet.. maybe this saturday we're gonna catch it.. but i've read the book already.. hmm.. makes me want to check the movie before i share my thoughts too.. :D

  4. @Bluedreamer

    Sigh, I just hope that book 7 next year will be fine.

    Why did the director removed many of the Pensieve part of the book. That is also the cetnral part of that book. Book 6 is the preparatory to the actions in book 7. Viewers must learn in depth the personality of Voldemort so they will understand why he chose to be the Dark Lord.

    I do not know much about Diana Ross aside from her being a singer and I do not know if I like some her songs (I can't remember a Diana Ross song as of the moment) But then again I will drop by to visit you.

    Thanks for the visit. :-)

  5. Hey Claire. :-) I recommend that you opt to watch the movie in a regular cinema. Imax and 3D movie for HP 6 sucks.

    My friend (who also watched last Saturday in SM North Imax) said that the 3D part was limited only in the first 12 minutes of the film.

    He lamented that he just wasted money for a "3d" movie which is not.

  6. Truth be told, I haven't really bothered reading even a single HP book. I just don't know why. Even Twilight saga. LOL

  7. TIN! Di ka isang bookworm ano. :-) Oh di mo lang type yung mga ganoong books?

    Basahin mo. At assure you na maganda yung HP series

  8. Hindi masyado. Or hindi ko lang talaga hilig yung mga ganung klaseng story. Pero naging curious ako nung high school nung sobrang pinagkakaabalahan ng kaibigan ko yung pagbabasa nung isang HP book. Eh nalaman ko may mga nauna pa palang books yun so I planned na magsimula sa una. Eh lagi akong nauunahan sa panghihiram, ayun natabunan na ako ng natabunan.
    Ok, naikwento ko talaga eh. Haha

  9. Hahaha! Oo nga. Naikwento mo na nga lahat. Di bale. Ok lang yan. Masaya naman yang ikinwento mo eh. :-)

  10. I got bored of Harry Potter ages ago, ever since I discovered the action over at Stormfront. ;)

    Now, that's a place for real entertainment - and education as well, to top it all off.

  11. Hello Anon,

    May I know what is this Stormfront? Is it a website?


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