Good Days Coming Up

I feel buoyant these days. I feel as if I have a large amount of stored energy stored within me that is pushing to go out like a magma coming out of a small fissure. I do not know what the reason for this. Is it because of the positioning of the Sun, moon and the stars as the horoscopes predict. The horoscope heralds the coming of the Leo months, or when the sun enters its house in the constellation of Leo. Possibly not.

In the past years and in the past jobs, I am always down. I feel that I am being forced to go to the office and I will spend another unbearable moments of my life there. But things are different now. Even though I might say that I really hate waking up every 5 AM, I feel that my time spent in the office moves very fast so that my workday is not enough to accommodate my workload. Enjoyment in work really creates wonders. It is so good to feel being well-appreciated in the workplace and that the work is mentally challenging so as not to bore me. Yes there are days when I feel down, but that is not enough to dampen my whole week.

And it is not just in work. The good days are there in my other aspects of life. The family is more united as ever and the financial bugs that worries us in the past is slowly being solved. My brother found a work that is challenging enough for him. Sister settled well in her new college life in PUP and small brother is okay in his studies.

And even the blogosphere contributes to my happy days. I enjoy the exchange of ideas and the interaction with other fellow bloggers. I am happy to share my experiences and to tell information that may help people. Blogging keep my mind in good state and keep me thinking for ideas to tell, for information to share, and advice to give.

These good days will never be possible without the people who shared their time with me. A mountain of thanks to the Lord for the time with my beloved honey, good friend Megumi, delightful ate Rein, with family and other friends. And of course to my friends here in the WWW, thank you for visiting, reading and commenting here.

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