Me a Loner? No Problem!

The professor is absent once again. Because of this you will have more free time before the next class starts. What would you do?

a) Stay behind the class room and spend your time chatting and bonding with your classmates and friends.

b) Go out of the class and go back to one of your many haunts and either study for the upcoming exams, or read your favorite books in the reference section of the library, or go back to the office to increase your income as a student assistant.

Given those options, I would really choose option b because I am a certified loner (and actually option b is what I usually do during my college days). And that’s not all of my so-called “kadramahan.” When eating lunch, the lonesome me would rather go to UP Lagoon and dine with ants and the trees rather than go to the canteen or to Starback (small “turo-turo” stores on the other side of Katipunan Avenue, behind the Narra Dormitory) with my classmates. When there is a group project, I usually ask the professor if he/she will allow me to do the project alone.

You are a Certified Loner

You are a certified loner if you experience or believe in one of the following things:

1) You are alone in a group. That is you feel awkward or feel out of place if you and your friends go out. You do not know what to say, you do not know how to act, or afraid that what you do may be contrary to what the group expects. More often you let the other members of the group decide on matters like the place to go, food to eat, etc.

2) You shine if you are with just one person or a couple of persons. You could show more of your true self and be more open.

3) If you believe that other people will just weigh down on major undertakings. Thus, you usually prefer to operate alone, very much like Lord Voldemort.

4) You do not need to havie a group of friends to make you feel better. You find relaxation or pleased with the simple things like books, computer games, or even cleaning up your room.

If you do experience or believe on any of the things listed here, then I congratulate you. You are not alone on being a loner.

Not a Problem

Being a loner is not a problem, as long as you are not being a hermit or being a loner emo who wound themselves whenever they feel alone. As an introvert, we tend to find happiness from simple things and our personality does not demand us to go to parties just to see other people who will make us happy.

The only thing is that you should not do is to spend too much time with yourself. Too much introversion is not a healthy way of being a loner.

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  1. we're on the same boat here
    loner talaga ako kaya nga i make blogging as my way of expression kasi dito i can speak kaysa sa real world na maxadong akong tahimik... di rin ako sangaayon sa pagiging emo... naasiwa ako sa kanila-- maxadong mababaw ang dahilan nila to hurt or would their self
    nice to know something about you tol

    Care for an xlinks? im done placing your link to my blog so i can visit you here again

    1. Haha. Loner ka pala bluedreamer. Ako nga secret lang tong blog na ito sa friends ko ng college, highschool, at kung sino sino pa. Syempre paano naman ako makapagsulat ng malaya pag alam nila. Hindi ko na sila maikukwento dito.

      Uy, na-i-link mo na pala ako. Sure, exchange link would be fine. Gustong gusto kong madagdagan ang mga friends ko sa blogosphere.

      Thanks for reading me. I'll drop by your blog again.

  2. hehe count e in as your friend

    nice to meet you here dude

    hello my friend can i have a favor???
    can you vote for my entry here

    thanks a lot!!!

  3. well silent water runs deep... walang masama maging loner ang mahalaga masaya ka... *cheers*

    1. Buti na lang pala hindi contradictory yung happiness sa pagiging loner.

      Yep silent water run deep. Thanks for visitng me. :-D

  4. Kaya nga ako eh. I'm still in High School. Loner na.
    iba nmn nag Back stab sakin.
    kaya naging Loner ako..
    ang hirap nmn..

  5. Hello Anonymous Loner

    Being betrayed is not a good experience. It destroys our fait in other people. Alas, some people can't forget the betrayal that they chose to be alone until their death.

    My friend, I suggest that stop focusing your attention to the betrayal. Did all of the people whom you consider as family and friends betrayed you?

    I am sure that it is not. I highly suggest that you focus on other people that makes you happy and loves you. Don't let the traitor win over your heart. As long as you prefer to be alone just because someone betrayed you, then that traitor is victorious because he made your life miserable.


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