Of Good Saturday and Transformer

Saturday of the last week of June will go down as one of the most pleasant and enjoyable day for me. It is not only because I watched the movie Transformers but also because I spent a wonderful time with my friends.

Anyways we watched Transformers that Saturday, and I could say that the movie’s plot and storyline sucks because it is predictable. I also hated many characters especially the main characters. I also hate the many references to sex like dogs making out in the opening part of the movie and that irritating scene where a toy robot is humping the leg of the girl character. Another thing is why is it that all college girls in that movie are portrayed as bitches?

Another point of contention is that why the Primes chose to die just to keep The Fallen from obtaining the Matrix of Leadership? Maybe it is better that they finished all the decepticons in that ancient time and kill The Fallen. There are so many of them.

Pasalamat na lang sila at maganda yung graphics at special effects. If not I will be truly disappointed and I will just say that I wasted my money on that movie. At least I watched the trailer of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which is really good. Now I can’t wait to watch that movie. I also saw the trailer of Wapakman, and my brother said that the trailer is well-made (though I couldn’t see why).

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