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Ha, so May is ending soon. With it is the school children’s vacation and the season of Santa Cruzan. The summer solstice is coming too (that is in June). What’s with Summer Solstice? Nothing but the words sounded beautiful to my ears.

Anyways, Tin tagged me and this is my first to be tagged by a fellow blogger that is why I am trying this one out.

The rules of this tag are:

1. Write anything about 15 persons you know.
2. Don't mention the names of these 15 persons you are referring to.
3. If someone would ask who these persons are, don't tell them.
4. Tag 15 persons but don't include the persons you included in your post.

So let’s start this, shall we?

Person # 1 – Thank you! That is the sum of my message for you. You stayed with me for a total of 22 years of my life and up until now, you are still here beside me, together with him, who always loves me no matter what. Pa-hug nga…he he he.

Person # 2 – We have a long way to go, and I know that in your heart you are somewhat afraid of how will things develop between us. Don’t worry, we could do it.

Person # 3 – I do not know who did that to you, but you became a better person. You became closer to God, dragging me along. I am happy.

Person # 4 – You are not texting me anymore, nor sending me messages in friendster. What is the cause of that? Pray, tell me. I wanted to know since it is unwise to speculate.

Person # 5 – It is good to found an ally inside the office and someone who is good to share some laughs with, thanks. But sometimes I think that I had said too much, sorry too.

Person # 6 – In college, you are cute. Now that you had graduated, you are still cute. I had to agree, you are the cutest classmate I ever had.

Person # 7 – I never thought that the best of my friends will be found from a land far far away. But then again, the distance did not diminish that friendship between us. I am glad.

Person # 8 – I am warning you, focus on your studies or I will stop helping you. Just balance your academics with your extra-curricular and you will be fine. You are free to go wherever you want, up to some extent.

Person # 9 –  ...

Person # 10 – You shall pay dearly! Very very dearly! You little miss muffet with a mole on the tuffet, and your sons, and your kamag-anaks, and all your filthy henchmen. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but in ever after.

Person # 11 – Whenever you are extraordinarily drunk, you kept on saying the things that pain you and in your dreams you keep on mumbling that you are sorry. If you have an ESP, you’ll know that on my part I forgave you.

Person # 12 – I still have the feeling that you do not want to see me.

Person # 13 – If you just know, you are my favorite college batch mate.

Person # 14 – I know that you want to be my best ally when we are in college. Sorry but I chose solitude.

Person # 15 – Thank you for atoning for my faults. Thank you very much for dying for me, even if I am the one who murdered you. I have this fervent wish: To see your face in the end of days and in ever after.

So here they are, the top 15 person plus the comments that I want to say to them. I hope they read this, but they have to find this by themselves because I am somewhat secretive. This tag is like Post Secret wherein you could send your secrets and somehow lighten up your baggage.

That’s it for now.
Now I am tagging Claire, Azil, Megumi, Guia, Mai-mai, Xprosiac, Cindy, Tina, Jezira, and Cha.

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  1. tnx for the tag :) but its super hard i swear...hirap pala to write something na you dont want them knowing its them...extra challenge itu! im up to number 6 pa lang..this may take longer than i thought...hahahaha

    1. :-) Mahirap ba? Kaya mo yan!!!! I'll wait for your top 15 person.

  2. Hmm. Interesting. I want to ask who they are for but I know you wouldn't tell me 'cause you'd break one rule. Haha. Salamat for answering my tag! ;)

    1. Haha...interesting ba Tin? Actually I allready broke a rule. The third rule. Hindi ako umabot ng 15 persons eh.

  3. I'm not good at this...hahaha...i'm more of a "I'll tell you face-to-face" type. Anyways, thanks for the tag. :)

    1. In your face ka pala kung bumanat ah. Me, i prefer a cloak and dagger approach.

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