One of These Days I’ll Punch Bayani in the Face

You are a simple employee doing a hard day’s work. After your shift, you pack your things and leave your workplace to go home. You are tired and stressed, all you need is a bus and then it is home at last. But no --- you still had to contend with Bayani Fernando’s wonderful system of herding passengers to their bus: The pink fences. So what if you are tired, you had to follow Bayani’s iron rule. Or you could imagine punching the MMDA lord in the face while trying to figure out how to pass through a throng of people and get to the bus you want

I am, of course, lamenting about MMDA’s pink fences in Cubao. According to the powers that may, those fences were placed so as to organize the people loading and unloading on the public utility buses. I don’t know if that’s the truth or they just want to make things hard for the people. I, for one, find it hard to follow their so-called system since I had to climb their metal barriers so as to reach the bus I need. The place is miserable, and Bayani’s pink fences are an added ugliness.

There are many of these fences all throughout the Metro and there are some which seems to be useless and a total waste of money. The pink fences along Commonwealth Avenue are examples of this. No one uses those fences. It seems that Bayani earned millions of pesos from those fences.

Those fences needed to be tore down or else, I may not stop but punch dear Bayani out of the face of the Earth.

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