Something Missing

So its now official, I am now an engineer. Our oath taking ceremony last Friday confirmed that fact.

In the ceremony held in Manila Hotel, everybody is jubilant. It seems like everybody have cameras, and everyone is posing every now and then with their friends, classmates and acquaintances.

I enjoyed so much picture taking, that I used my brother’s camera to the maximum to capture this happy event with my friends.

That Friday was really a happy day for me. I laughed, smiled and talked with them, these people that I will never again see for a long time.

But something is missing, I didn’t have a chat with my ex-girlfriend. It is not that I am still hoping for a rejuvenation of our past relationship. I just want to break the ice and somehow repair the broken friendship or, at least, the acquaintanceship between us. Aside from the greetings and congratulatory remarks that I thrown her way, I said and did nothing more.

That event would have been better if we had smiled genuinely to one another, if only for the last time. And that is what is missing.

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