Why Oh Why?

Talk to me, text me me. I am just one SMS away. Why do you have to do this? Please, just text me anything. Anything will do, throw your angst, shower me with your wrath. Smother me with your sadness. But, please...not this wall of silence.

Nothing will be resolve by keeping mum about the issue. I admit to be in the wrong, yes I declare! I lied, I am dishonest. Though I told you about it, maybe for you the confession is too late, just too late. But please not this silence. I do not know how to place myself. Does this mean that you do not forgive me? Is your silence a sign that you're giving up.

You're giving up? Tell me! I am listening. I will accept anything. I will eagerly accept your forgiveness, I will swallow your rejection. I will set you free, just tell me. Please tell me.

I am broken as you are, and yes, it is my fault. I deserve this brokenness. I deserve this pain.

I am a fool!

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