Visita Iglesia 2020: Our Lady of Sorrows Church

When Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus to Temple for His presentation to the Lord as prescribed by Mosaic Law for all male firstborns of Israel, they received both an uplifting and sad prophecy about their child. Simeon, a priest, upon seeing Jesus prophesied that the child is the light of revelation to the nations and the glory of the people of Israel.

In same prophecy, Simeon said to Mary:

"Behold, this one has been set for the ruin and for the resurrection of many in Israel, and as a sign which will be contradicted. And a sword will pass through your own soul, so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed." (Luke 2:34-35)

This prophecy revealed to Mary the sorrows that she will experience due to her Son Jesus. She indeed experienced her greatest sorrow during His passion and death on the cross and because of that Christians gave her the title Our Lady of Sorrows or Mater Dolorosa. 

This Holy Monday, I am featuring a church in Pasay that is perfect for one of the Stations of the Cross featured in this post, which is the fourth station: Jesus meets his mother. The church I’m talking about is the Our Lady of Sorrows Church. 

Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Pasay City

Our Lady of Sorrows Church stands prominently along F. B. Harrison Street due to its facade covered with red bricks. On the facade is the scene of the Crucifixion that features Mary and Apostle John standing beside the crucified Jesus. The image fits the name of this church because it is during the death of Jesus on the cross when Mary experienced her greatest sorrow.

Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Pasay

Our Lady of Sorrows Church is the second oldest church in Pasay City. It's first structure was built in 1941 by the priests of the Society of St. Paul but was destroyed during the Second World War. The church structure had to be rebuilt. This explains why the current structure of Our Lady of Sorrows is of modern style despite it being the second oldest church in the city.

The bell tower outside of the church is not that impressive.

Bell tower of Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Pasay

The Society of St. Paul's mission is to "use the modern means of communication technology to proclaim the Kingdom of God to the people of today". That's why when the Pauline mission reached the Philippines in 1935, one of the first things that Pauline missionaries did was to operate a printing press in Lipa, Batangas. The Paulines are one of the leading Catholic publishers in the country. If you read many Catholic books, I bet you are familiar with this logo:

St. Pauls Logo
(Source: St Pauls)

The Paulines also operated a printing facility in Our Lady of Sorrows Church. 

Pious Society of St. Paul Apostolate of the Press at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Pasay

Our Lady of Sorrows Church is young and not steeped in history unlike the old churches around the Philippines. However, it placed its mark in history by being the church where Ninoy Aquino and President Cory Aquino tied the knot on October 11, 1954.

Inside Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Pasay

The centerpiece of the church's altar is the copy of Michelangelo's Pieta. 

Altar of Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Pasay

The Pieta perfectly captures the great sorrow of Mary as she cradles the lifeless body of her Son.

The prophecy of Simeon came true, a sword pierced through her own soul. Her heart was wounded as if many daggers pierced her heart. 

Mater Dolorosa
(Source: Archonfraternity of Immaculate Heart of Mary)

That is why many mothers who lost a child look up to Our Lady of Sorrows for consolation. She knows the pain of losing a son and she knows to console a grieving parent. 

Crucified Jesus in Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Pasay

On the left side of the church is the baptistry with a nicely designed baptismal font. 

Baptismal font of Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Pasay

In front of it is the scene that depicts Jesus' baptism in the Jordan River.

Baptism of Jesus in Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Pasay

This Holy Week, let us commemorate the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us also call into our mind the sorrows of Mary, who is our Lord's mother and also our mother.

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Those who wish to contact the priests in Our Lady of Sorrows Church, you may contact them through their Facebook page, telephone no. (02) 8831-8293, and e-mail at

Mass schedules in Our Lady of Sorrows Church are the following:

Monday to Friday: 6:15 AM, 7:00 AM,  and 6:00 PM
Saturdays: 6:15 AM, 7:00 AM,  and 6:00 PM (anticipated mass)
Sundays: 6;00 AM, 7:00 AM, 8:15 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 4:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 6:15 PM, and 7:30 PM

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Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows (by St. Bonaventure)

O most holy virgin, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ: by the overwhelming grief you experienced when you witnessed the martyrdom, the crucifixion, and the death of your divine Son, look upon me with eyes of compassion and awaken in my heart a tender commiseration for those sufferings, as well as a sincere detestation of my sins, in order that, being disengaged from all undue affections for the passing joys of this earth, I may long for the eternal Jerusalem, and that henceforth all my thoughts and all my actions may be directed toward this one most desirable object.

Honor, glory, and love to our divine Lord Jesus, and to the holy and immaculate mother of God.

- - -

Jesus Meets His Mother
(Source: La Divina Voluntad)

We are now in the second church for our virtual Visita Iglesia so we pray the:

If you missed the earlier stations, I suggest that you visit the churches that we featured earlier in this year’s virtual Visita Iglesia:

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