True Goals of a True Christian

This world and its ways are passing away and eventually will cease to exist. So, what then is the goal of a true Christian in this life and in this dying world? The answer is to place God in the center of our life and love Him with all our heart.

To achieve this goal, nothing should preoccupy our daily lives other than loving and serving Him. All of our attention should be focused to Him. Does that mean you leave your current ways of living and go to the nearest seminary or nunnery? The answer is a big “NO.” We do not need to be a priest or a nun, what we truly need is to be holy and offer our daily lives, our works, our sufferings, and our victories to Him. We, our body and soul, are the best things that we could surrender to our God.

When Jesus came to our world, He did not seek to overthrow the Roman Empire, Herod, the Pharisees, and the temple authorities by starting a revolution and supplanting them with His kingdom. Our Lord Jesus became blood and flesh to share His love and redeem His creations by dying in the hands of sinners. He came not to destroy but to give life.

Our goal then, as Christians, is to be like Christ in mind, body, and soul. We should emulate his ways of living. His life, faith in the Father and determination against temptations and tribulations should be exemplified.

Just like what I said, this world will cease to exist. It will be futile for us to offer our lives to change it. Offering our lives to the world are, in the end, will be worthless and will gain nothing. But that does not mean that we should sit idly and keep the system of inequality and abuse take its course. No, we should all act in the name of the Lord!

Changing the system of this world by offering our social works will be the ones that will make the difference because the Lord will be on our side and will help us. He will make sure, by using us, that more and more people will be unburdened by the inequalities of the world system so that more and more people will come to Him and adore Him.

So, if you are a Christian, you must start loving God now, truthfully and without reservations and through you, He will change the world into a better place.

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