Before I go to Sleep

So here I am in New Bilibid Prison, doing a work that is hurriedly ordered, slightly ill-prepared and almost failed. What could we expect for a project that is insufficiently supported in the first place. But then again, we pulled through, with improvisation, and connections (well thank you friends out there who lent us some data that we really needed). We are leaving this place tomorrow.

Bilibid is not the place that I thought it was. It is far from my imaginations of prison with bars, bloodhound, and guards. Malaki pala itong Bilibid. The whole compound is yet a forest and talahiban.

I did saw the supposedly maximum security compound, where the rich like Jalosjos and Tehankee have/had air conditioned units.

I am yet to see the result of our project. I hope that the results are OK. Unfortunately, I am having doubts. Darn, I couldn't kick off my pessimism.

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