Playing Sailor for 20 Days

Maybe some of you are wondering were did I go the last four weeks. Did I abandoned my blogs? Did I go to some pit and failed to go out alive? Nah!

Like what I said in my farewell post, I was sent by our office to a ship for a project. So there, I live in a ship for almost a month and walked on land just for few hours.

I did miss land, but I did not kiss it like the shaken sailors during the Age of Discoveries.

Finally, I got a glimpse of this island

That island is Corregidor Island. The island that used to be the formidable fortress against enemies who desire to attack Manila until it was destroyed by the Japanese during the World War.

I did not go to Corrigedor Island but I just looked at it from afar. :-)

I also got the chance to see Manila from the sea. Yeah, Manila is too smoky and the air is polluted. It is no wonder why some Metro Manilans are suffering from respiratory illnesses.
Hazy Manila in the early morn.

I am also lucky to reach the town of Bulan. Finally, I could say that I set my foot on my father's home province, which is Sorsogon in Bicolandia.

Bulusan Volcano is shown in the photo above. Unfortunately, there are clouds blocking Bulusan's peak.

Almost a month away from home. Almost a month away from the Internet. Almost a month feeling the rocking of the sea whenever you wake up. Well, at least I experienced part of a seaman's life.


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  1. I've missed your blog, Ish! So what did you do there? Did you have fun? :)

  2. Wow! Thank you very much Mariel. Thank you for visiting!

    Hmmm...I enjoyed my trip even though I am totally bored aboard a ship day-in day-out. Nakaka-miss din talaga ang lupa. ^_^

    Well, I went there to be an observer. I enjoyed living inside a ship and experiencing a seaman's life even if it is just few weeks.

  3. I can't imagine how it feels like waking up everyday and facing the sea all around me. It will surely take some time for me to get used to. And I think I'll be quite bored!

    Well, I don't mind out at sea for a week, but certainly not a month! LOL!

    Anyway, glad you are back!

    Beautiful photos, btw : )

  4. Oh so this is the story behind your hiatus...
    being away from my pc for one day is like killing my self ano pa kaya ang 20 days hahha

  5. I hope it was a wonderful experience for you. A long trip indeed. I too have heard of this place but haven't got the chance to be there. But the place is really cool.

  6. @Foongpc:

    ^_^ I konw what you can't bear to live in the middle of the sea for many days. Well, indeed, the sea is not for pandas.

  7. @Bluedreamer: I know how to kill you. :-P All I need is to separate you from your PC.

    Haha...just kidding

  8. @Huahin Resort:

    Yeah! A nice place. Thanks for the visit.

  9. Welcome back! So nice to see you around the blogosphere again!

  10. Woh almost a month at sea you sure to miss the land. Phew quite bad and hazy over your place..cheers.

  11. Thank you very much Anney.

    Yeah it is good to be back. ^_^

    It is good to read my friends' blogs again.

    Thanks for the visit. Merry CHRISTmas!

  12. @Bananaz:

    I did miss land ^_^. It is boring in the middle of the sea, where what you can only see is the vast expanse of the sea.

    Yeah, Manila is really hazy because of air pollution.

    Thanks for the visit!


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