Let's Go Onward to 2016!

I intended this blog post to be quite long, with summaries of my posts in 2015 as a sort of looking back to that hyper-busy yeaar that was. Sadly, I don’t have enough time. I guess all daddies who is taking care of a baby have very little time for himself.

Since it’s just less two hours before the end of this year, let me greet all of you a…

Happy New Year
(Source: New Year 2016)

Before we move on to the New Year, let me thank all of you who constantly visit this blog despite the fact that my posting of blog posts was scarce. I also thank all of you posted their comments and leave their thoughts. Thank you very much.

2015 is one-of-a-kind year that I experienced in my entire life. The coming of Little Ahab turned my world upside down.The time that I usually spend on blogging was spent on taking care of our little tot. I am not complaining but I still desire to continue blogging despite these difficulties.

I hope and I hope and I hope that all of you, readers of this blog, will continue to visit me in 2016. I hope against hope that I will be able to post new stories per week. So, stay tuned and let us go onward to 2016.

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  1. Happy new year to you and family. Enjoy your time bonding with your little one. I will visit whenever you blog.

    1. Happy New Year to you too. :-) Thank you very much for dropping by. Glad to find you in blogging world.

  2. Hapy New Year sayo Ish at sa family mo.. may you have another fulfilling year ahead


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