Pilipino Lunch along Maginhawa Street

Another meeting with a lawyer friend brought me and my brother to another restaurant located along Maginhawa Street in Diliman, Quezon City. Our last visit to this street brought us to Black Soup Cafe where I tasted the black pasta. This time, our group decided to have a Filipino style lunch at Pino Resto Bar.
Maginhawa Street - Pino Resto Bar

This post is long overdue because Pino Resto Bar already relocated from its old place along Maginhawa Street to Malingap Street.

Pino Resto Bar was aptly named because it offers FiliPINO foods that are common to the Flipino tongue but innovated to make them more delicious.  The resto bar is currently managed by Chef Bugia, Star Jose and PJ Lanot.

The distinctive feature that the old Pino Resto Bar along Maginhawa Street had is its doodle on the wall.
Doodled wall of Pino Resto Bar, Maginhawa Street

I am not sure if the new Pino Resto Bar along Malingap Street has a new doodle on its walls.

We asked for Pino Resto Bar's specialty and the waiter told us to order the Kare-kareng Bagnet, which we did except for my brother.

I noticed that Pino Resto Bar is quite popular in the area because of the crowd. Our group luckily found a large table beside the doodled wall before other patrons could reach it. We waited for the main course while we nibbled little tacos filled with mangos, cheese and other veggies.
Tacos of Pino Resto Bar, Maginhawa Street

The tacos are perfect distraction while we wait for our kare-kareng bagnet. Soon enough, our orders came to our table one by one. I was awed when I saw my kare-kareng bagnet. The pork meat is BIG.
Kare-kareng bagnet of Pino Resto Bar, Maginhawa Street

The size is awesome but the taste of the kare-kareng bagnet didn't fail. I understood; on my first bite, why Pino Resto Bar's kare-kareng bagnet is praised by many. The kare-kareng bagnet combined two Filipino dishes into one and the fusion is perfect. Kare-kare is a stew made of peanut sauce and various vegetables partnered with bagoong alamang. Bagnet, on the other hand, is deep fried pork meat.

Pino Resto Bar's kare-kareng bagnet is deep fried pork meat that still has the taste of peanut sauce of kare-kare, which is new but familiar to my tounge. My kare-kareng bagnet had three pieces of big pork meat, which I almost failed to finish.

My brother ordered Pino Chicken Inasal that has one piece of inasal meat and fried kangkong leaves.
Chicken inasal of Pino Restaurant, Maginhawa Street

He said that the chicken inasal was fine but he didn't like the taste of fried kangkong leaves because it tasted like saliva.

We finished our lunch with desserts. I ordered the Mango Banana Peanut Butter Roll.
Dessert of Pino Resto Bar, Maginhawa Street

The roll is not too sweet and peanut butter taste mixed well with the taste of banana and mango.

We enjoyed our lunch/meeting with Pino Resto Bar's delicious food and tasty kwento. We left the resto bar with big bellies because of the gigantic pork of kare-kareng bagnet.

I wonder what restaurant along Maginhawa Street we're going to drop by next meeting.


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  1. looks delicious love that mural by the way

  2. MeCoy

    Interested with the mural, huh? Eye catching. :-)

  3. Place looks very high class. So that's Filipino cuisine? Would love to try one day... Here we only have Philippine pork leg which is something like roasted pork leg, that's all. Very popular though.

  4. Looks delicious! I like the doodle on the wall : )

  5. nice exotic food! :) very interesting

    Latest: TomYam-licious

  6. Suitapui

    Yes, this is Filipino cuisine. I will take you a Filipino restaurant if you pay us a visit here in the Philippines.

    I am glad that our roasted pork leg is popular there. :-)


    The doodle looks like a doodle. He he he.


    Nah. This is not an exotic food.

  7. wow ive been seeing yummy foods today!!! this one is a great choice too!! xx

  8. I wanna try sana kaso it's too far! :(

  9. i wonder if any of the chefs happened to be an Ilocano? Well bagnet is an Iloco prized food, and being one I hope when I go and visit their place I will be satisfied hehehe...

  10. i must includ ethis in my bucket list!

  11. Been here and wanna go back really soon. My blog about this place is not yet done . . . :( Now I am craaaaving for their pastries.

  12. Mary Jane Tauyan

    Yep. This one is great indeed.

    Lipstick Chopstick

    Sana magtayo sila ng branch na malapit sa lugar n'yo.

    Peter Rahon

    Ha ha ha. They must capture the true taste of Bagnet to satisfy Ilocanos like you. :-)

    Nik Rielo

    Yes. You must!


    Wow! You also went to Pino Resto Bar. They are not in Maginhawa Street. They transferred to Malingap St.


    Kain ka. Tanghalian na eh.

  13. This now officially goes to my bucket list.

  14. I hope they do have vouchers for this in the near future. ^_^

  15. I love Filipino cuisine! But I am a bit picky with the food though. As for the Black soup, I love their resto <3

  16. Grysh Co

    We have the right to be picky with the food we eat, especially the own we purchase.

    I like the Blacksoup Resaurant too. It is one of the best restaurant along Maginhawa Street.


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