Quick Chow at Penong's, Davao City

Beloved's Bestfriend (BB) insisted that she treat us a dinner on the night of our flight to Manila. Since she is persistent, I asked her to bring us to the best restaurant in Davao City. BB obliged so she brought us to Penong's Barbecue Seafoods and Grill.

It is not the first time that I heard about Penong's. I already saw this restaurant featured in a TV show. The restaurant is so popular that it kept Mang Inasal from invading Davao.
Diners in Penong's, Davao City
Penong's is packed with diners.
The sad fact is that we only had few minutes before the boarding time for our flight. The time is too short for us to enjoy eating our dinner. We requested the Penong's staff to cook our orders quickly. The result is that the food that we got is not fully cooked. It is not the fault of Penong's, however, because they rushed everything like we requested. Penong's staff should be praised because they gave their best within the time limit that we demanded.

First to reach our table is the calamansi and the green siling labuyo, which is perfect for the soy sauce dip.
Calamansi and siling labuyo from Penong's, Davao City
Calamansi and siling labuyo for three.
Our orders came next. I ordered Penong's pork barbecue.
Pork barbecue of Penong's, Davao City

See the fat? That is my favorite part of this barbecue. The atsara (pickled papaya and carrots) complements the taste of the barbecue. Penong's barbecue is delicious and better than what I had in Chic-Boy.

My Beloved and her bestfriend ordered Penong's chicken barbecue.
Chicken barbecue of Penong's, Davao City

Penong's chicken barbecue is not fully cooked but it still tasted good. It might taste better if we just had enough time to wait for it to be cooked fully. I can say that Penong's chicken barbecue is juicier than the chicken barbecue of Mang Inasal.

I hope that we can eat again at Penong's without the need to rush.


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  1. nakakatakam naman nyan Ish... I don't think we have Quick chow or Penongs here...
    thank you for sharing.. have a great morning!

  2. i like the soy sauce + sili dip for my chicken bbq too :D

  3. Bluedreamer

    D'yan sa Cavite walang Penong's. Pero dito daw sa Maynila ay may isang branch na sila.

    Lover of Pink Cookies

    We like the same thing. :-)

  4. food looks good want ko ung atsara

    ung manginasal nmn ee pang pa busog lng indi pang sarap trip

  5. MeCoy

    Tama! Pang-busog trip yung Mang Inasal. Laging unli rice kinakain ko dun kaya bondat ako pagtapos kong kumain dun.

  6. Wrey and Robby

    Talagang masarap at juicy ang chicken ng Penong's. Salamat sa pagbisita. Will visit your blog later.

  7. It's hard to enjoy your food when you are rushing. The pork and chicken BBQ looks yummy : )

  8. I agree to both of your sentences Foong. ^_^

  9. This is one of the family favorites too! I like that the food here is affordable and comes with good service, too.

  10. Hello Abby.

    Those are the plus points for Penong's and the reason why Mang Inasal and other barbecue restaurants can't invade Davao.


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