Splash Island before the Summer Ends

My beloved wanted to go to a resort before the summer gives way to rainy season. Her first plan is for us to go to a beach resort at Laiya Aplaya in Batangas. The only problem is that Laiya Aplaya is very far. We will spend half of the day traveling and she only has one day as her day-off.

In the middle of May, my beloved thought that it is better that we go to a nearby resort. She decided that we go to Splash Island Waterpark located along South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) in Biñan, Laguna.
Twisted slide of Splash Island Waterpark
The high and twisting slide beckons.

We were accompanied by our bunso (youngest brother) and my only sister in our Splash Island Waterpark adventure. Fortunately, we got a “buy 1 take 1” coupon so we only paid for two entrance tickets and got two free tickets for my siblings.


How to Go to Splash Island Waterpark


Location map of Splash Island Waterpark
(Source: Splash Island Waterpark website)

The four of us went to Pacita Complex in San Pedro, Laguna by riding a jeepney from Santa Rosa City. We then hired a tricycle, which brought us to the gates of Splash Island Waterpark. The travel time by tricycle from Pacita Complex is just 15 minutes.

Be wary of unscrupulous tricycle drivers in Pacita Complex. I believe that paying 100 pesos for hiring the whole tricycle is fair because Pacita Complex is quite far from the waterpark. You are being ripped off if the tricycle driver asked you to pay more than 100 pesos.


Where to Eat Inside Splash Island Waterpark


Bringing your own food to Splash Island Waterpark is prohibited. The waterpark owners made this rule to ensure that visitors will buy food from stalls inside the waterpark.

We reached the waterpark an hour before noon so we searched for a good place to eat. We went to Fiesta sa Pulo, which is just a big food court.
Fiesta sa Pulo in Splash Island Waterpark

We ordered sizzling dishes from Sizzler and this is what I got:
Sizzling fish fillet at Splash Island Waterpark
Fish fillet from Sizzler.

It cost 100 pesos, which is disappointing because it just tasted OK. I can buy better tasting food for the same price.


Fun Under the Sun


We are fortunate because it didn't rain that day. We enjoyed the whole afternoon by going to the attractions that Splash Island Waterpark has to offer. The first attraction that went to is the Balsa River.
Balsa River in Splash Island Waterpark
Visitors enjoying Balsa River.

Balsa River is the place to laze off. Just get a rubber balsa and let the gentle flow of this “river” push you around the waterpark. We raced the whole length of Balsa River and played while we float. This attraction of Splash Island Waterpark is perfect for kids.

The popular attraction of Splash Island Waterpark are its slides. We didn't want to miss the slides so we left Balsa River and then went to the slides. We tried the Rio Montañosa first.
Rio Montañosa in Splash Island Waterpark
The twisting slide of Rio Montañosa.

We rode a big rubber boat and then slide the twisting route of Rio Montañosa. It is a little bit scary especially when you are at the bend because you will feel that you will fall off the slide.

The last slide that we tried is the Magellan's Drop. This attraction made me lie on my belly and then slide down from a height of four-storey building. The four us used this slide as a sort of race track and I always won.
Magellan's Drop in Splash Island Waterpark
Magellan's Drop. Note: I am nowhere in this photo. :-P

The queue are very long and the climb to the start of slide is high. This is why we left the slide and went to Agos Grandes, which is just a big pool with machine-generated waves. We spent the remaining afternoon fighting the “treacherous” waves of Splash Island Waterpark.
Agos Grande in Splash Island Waterpark
Here comes the wave!

The big waves of Agos Grandes stopped suddenly at 4 o'clock. Agos Grandes is boring if there's no wave so we left the big pool so we can have merienda. Since we are a little bit exhausted, we tried to have some “water massage” at Water Wahoo.
Water Wahoo in Splash Island Waterpark

The pressure of the water massaged our backs. We even pretended that we are rallyists being bombarded with water from a fireman's hose. We tried the slides again before we went home. We discovered, to our delight, that there is no queue. We slide at Magellan's Drop a lot of times until we are tired of climbing up the stairs.

If you are planning to visit Splash Island Waterpark, I suggest that you to their slides in the late afternoon. Many people left the waterpark already so the long lines are gone.

So, that is our last adventure before the rainy season begins. Splash Island Waterpark is a great resort. I thought that my visit to this waterpark would be boring. I experienced that an afternoon visit is not enough.

My only suggestion to Splash Island Waterpark's owner is that they fix the other attractions that are not operating. They should also improve the food being served in Fiesta sa Pulo.


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  1. Wow, pahabol na summer getaway :)

  2. minsan na ako nakapunta diyan summer 2006......

  3. Nortehanon

    Oo nga po eh. Buti at nakahabol bago magtapos ang Tag-araw.


    Tagal na po ng huli ninyong punta. Bisitahin po ninyo uli't yung Splash Island Waterpark.

  4. Nortehanon

    Oo nga po eh. Buti at nakahabol bago magtapos ang Tag-araw.


    Tagal na po ng huli ninyong punta. Bisitahin po ninyo uli't yung Splash Island Waterpark.

  5. That looks like fun but no, thank you. We have a few in the country. Ever since I slipped and broke my arm at one, I never ever stepped into one ever again. LOL!!!

  6. I'm sure it's fun sliding down that slide! Haha!

  7. STP

    LOL! You were traumatized by your experience. Well, it is better if you just stay at the pool.


    It sure is! :-)

  8. Any pic of your beloved? hehe just kidding. I love the slides! haven't been there, though.

  9. Patty

    :-P No photo. He he.

    Sayang. You should visit Splash Island next summer.

  10. i would like to ask po alin-alin may additional na bayad pg entrance lang. thanks po.

    1. Hindi ko po sure, pero sa pagkaalala ko all-in na nuong bumili kami ng entrance ticket for Splash Island.


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