114th Independence Day at Luneta Park

The whole country celebrated the 114th anniversary of the proclamation of the Philippine Independence last Tuesday (June 12). There were celebrations in the various historical sites around the country. The government hosted celebrations at the Aguinaldo Shrine and Barasoain Church. I went to the Independence Day celebration at Luneta Park.
Crowd at Luneta Park

It is a day of gusty wind with a threat of heavy rain but many people showed up for the Independence Day celebration. Majority of the people who showed up are job seekers who took their chances in the job fair located near Luneta Park's dancing fountain. Other people were attracted by the booths erected by different government agencies. The booth that became the crowd's favorite is the booth from the military because they featured their big guns.
Tanks and guns at Luneta Park
Tanks and big guns of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

My favorite is this anti-aircraft gun:
Anti-aircraft gun at Luneta Park

I also like this howitzer:
Howitzer at Luneta Park

I want to own the anti-aircraft gun and howitzer and display them in front of my house. Then I will buy a tank, which I can drive when I go to work. I bet that even the overspeeding bus drivers will have second thoughts before challenging me in my army tank. He he he.

The Philippine flag took the “center stage” since it is Independence Day. Luneta Park had numerous Philippine flags waving proudly in the wind.
Philippine flags at Luneta Park
How many Philippine flags are in this photo?

Of course, I didn't forget to take a photo of the most important monument in Luneta Park, which is the monument of Jose Rizal.
Rizal Monument at Luneta Park


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  1. happpy independence day satin
    happy blogging din

  2. Nice! Good to have the sense of patriotism and love for one's homeland. Sad that there are people who do not...

  3. Kialangan talagang i display ang mga tanke at big guns ng Armed forces of the Philippines.

    salamat for sharin.g

  4. Ano nga kaya ganyan ang sasakyan mong pang araw araw. heheh! Lahat talaga mag gi-give way sayo. Takot lang nila.

  5. MeCoy

    Salamat sa pagbisita sa aking blog.


    Yes. There are people who do not love their homeland and their fellowmen.


    Yup. Pasiklab ng AFP. Pero kapag nakita ito ng mga nasa Chinese government sasabihin nila small guns lang ang mga 'yun.

    Ate Anney

    He he. Oo nga po. Talagang magbibigay sila ng daan.


    Thanks for the visit. Hope you are having a good day too.

  6. napapadaan lang ako sa Luneta pero di pa ako nakapamasyal dito ng husto...

  7. Bluedreamer

    Sayang. Sana makabisita ka uli sa Rizal Park.

  8. Naks... I would love to bring my son there, once they start studying history =) Proud Pinoy!

  9. Ate Einz

    That's good. Bagay na bagay ang Luneta Park para sa mga estudyante.


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