My Little Sister's Burger Project

One talent that Little Sister inherited from my parents is the the talent for cooking. Me and my other brothers are not good at cooking. In spite of this, one of my brothers are trying to learn how to cook. I, on the other hand, prefers to improve my talent of eating.

My mom told me that Little Sister is honing her skills in cooking and eating during the summer break. She shells out money from her savings just to buy the food that she wanted to eat. One weekend, Little Sister wanted to eat burgers, so she made this:
Delicious home-made burgers

She ransacked our refrigerator where she got beef meat, tomatoes, mayonnaise, cheese, ketchup and hot sauce. Mom bought the lettuce and the buns so as to complete my sister's “burger project”.
Inside the home-made burger
Cheese, tomatoes and lettuce.

We are fortunate enough to have a generous sister. She let her brothers use their eating talents on her burgers. So, I graciously munched some of the home-made burgers. Yum yum.

I think my sister's home-made burger tasted better than the Jollibee's Yum Burger. Her burger has real beef meat, fresh tomatoes and lettuce. We can add mayonnaise and ketchup to our burgers as much as we want, unlike in fastfood joints like Jollibee.

Now I wonder what's Little Sister cooking for merienda this afternoon.


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  1. Yummmy i like making burgers at home too :D

  2. Lover of Pink Cookies

    That's good. Home-made burger tastes better than many burgers being sold at restaurants.

  3. Yum! Haven't tried making home-made burgers yet. Will try one of these days. =)

  4. Try it Average Jane. You will love making burgers. It is quite easy. Another advantage is that you will control on what ingredients will go to your burger.

  5. Yummmmm!!!! Lucky you to have your sis to cook for you to eat! So nice!

  6. Yes STP. I am one of the fortunate ones. ^_^

  7. Mas masrap talaga pag homemade kasi mas makapal ang burger patty. hehe! Ang nipis ng sa jollibee diba? lagi ako nag do- double patty dun para malasahan ko yung beef.

  8. Tama ka Ate Anney.

    Sa bahay, kontrolado mo yung ingredients at patty sa burger mo. Atsaka sa Jollibee at sa ibang fast food hindi naman purong beef yung nakalagay na patty.

  9. Hahaha!! Improve your talent of eating? Me too!! LOL!!

  10. OK, you can now start a new fast food restaurant to rival Jollibee! hahaha!!

  11. Foong

    No need to say to mention it Foong. I am improving that talent every day. :-P

    Yup. I have this thought of starting a small restaurant being ran by Little Sister and my parents.

  12. masarap iyan kainin with cobra energy drink..

  13. i used to make burger at home too. but that was years ago. now i miss the moment

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  14. Arvin

    He he. Adik sa Cobra.


    You really miss it huh? I suggest that do it again. ^_^


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