Filipino Time Strikes Again

Last Thursday, I came home by two in the morning from a grueling Wednesday of work. Reaching home by that time wouldn’t have been a problem if my house were just a stone’s throw away from my workplace. Happily for me, I live outside of Metro Manila. I am thankful that no evildoers (hold uppers, kidnappers, snatchers, etc.) hitched a ride on the jeepneys that I rode on my journey home (though, as a precaution, I kept myself from bringing out my cell phone). Another bad thing for me is that I still had to wake up by 5 AM, go to work on Thursday, and suffer 8 hours of doing nothing but pretend that I am indeed doing some things.

I came home that early because we went to Subic for a seminar with the other employees. The departure time from Manila is 7 AM (which forced me to wake up by 4 AM) and the seminar should start by 10 AM. Our service vehicle left the office by 7 AM and we came early in Subic. The problem is that some of my co-workers were late, forcing the seminar to start after lunch.

The seminar, which dragged on for hours, ended by 5 PM. After that is the meeting of the bosses, which ended by 7:30 in the evening. On the way home, we stopped for dinner. We reached Manila by 12 AM.

That day would have been better for me if they know how to set their schedules straight. Unfortunately, they have the so-called Filipino Time Syndrome. However, they are not unique in having this syndrome since many Filipinos suffer from this. It doesn’t matter if they are in school, or in work, or even in important appointments, people like these are bound to be late. It is their style.

This syndrome should be removed from our system. I am, along with those who value their time, fed up for waiting for latecomers. Damn them.

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