Theory, Not Practice

I do not like it whenever I am introduced by my friends to other persons as the top of our class or the smartest in our batch. I know that I could understand some engineering concepts better than my classmates. The fact that I finished college without flunking any subject is just a combination of hard work and luck and not by my supposed intelligence. I just believe that Divine Providence is guiding my life all along.

Now that I am a professional in my field, I am confronted by a problem: I am a weakling when it comes to PRACTICE or the application of what I learned in school. I am hesitant and easily swayed by other people. I don’t have that personality that demands precision for everything around me.

Everything is easy in THEORY. But when it comes to PRACTICE, unknown factors come out to affect the results. Even my emotions interfere.

During fieldwork, I have the tendency to wish that I am in the office. Ironically, if I do get that wish, I will feel incomplete. An engineer that is excellent in THEORY and not in PRACTICE is not an engineer at all.

I am an engineer and I should fix my weakness. I just wish that I strengthen myself soon

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  1. counter your fear by doing what scares you most. God bless!


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