Let Them Have More Pizza

I dreaded special days since the day I started working. I do not mean the holidays like Christmas and New Year, which are also special days. What I mean is the special days which are called as birthdays, promotions, and other events that entail me to treat my officemates for some blow-out. I dreaded those special days not because I am stingy but rather I fear that they will not be pleased with my blow-out.

Last week, I was promoted from probationary to a full officer. Thus, I would have to treat my officemates. Since we are satiated with the pancit canton and other pancits from Savory, I have decided to get some pizza for my blow-out. Shakey's Pizzanatic Card came in handy. :-)

For pizza addicts like me, Discount cards like the ones offered by Shakey's is a must. Because of my Shakey's Pizzanatic Card, I am able to buy lots of pizza so as to please my hungry officemates. I have used it in my previous work in a bank and now I used it in my current office. I am able to let them have more pizza without spending too much money.

The Pizzanatic Card can be bought from any branch of Shakey's for 199 pesos. Just ask any crew of the restaurant and they will give you a form fill out when you are getting your card. A Pizzanatic Card lasts for six months and can only be used for pizza deliveries of up to three purchased pizza. The promo for this card is buy one pizza and take one pizza for free. You can choose any pizza that you want and Shakey's will give you either pepperoni or Hawaiian pizza as freebie.

Imagine how much money you can save if you have this card. If you order a large prize pizza, you will get another large size pizza (pepperoni or Hawaiian) that cost for 303 pesos. Order three of large sized pizza and you will feel how much money you had saved.

So for pizza lovers out there, or for those who are in pinch for a blow-out in the office, I enjoin you to avail Shakey's Pizzanatic Card. It will save you money while eating your favorite delicious pizza.

For those who are not fan of Shakey's, Pizza Hut also offers their discount card. The card entitles the buyer to get one pizza for every pizza ordered for delivery or take - out. Pizza Hut's card expires after a year, which means that it last longer than Shakey's Pizzanatic Card.

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  1. i am not that into pizza cuz i more on into pasta dishes... but anyways lamang tyan din yan so it really doesnt matter... kain lang ako ng kain haha

  2. I want that... not the card but the pizza. :)


    yes, discount cards really help. :) advantage cards, like that of SM. :) lol

    happy blogging.

  3. @blue

    Gusto ko rin ng pasta pero I am a pizza guy eh. Hehe...anyways, parehas naman Italian food yang dalawa eh.

    Thanks for the visit.


    Want some pizza? I'll give you some pizza. :-)

    Thanks for visitng mah blog. Happy blogging too...

  4. wow, i think i have to catch this one :D i am into discount cards! and i love pizza yay!

  5. uu nga no hehe sabi nila mas masarap daw ang pizza ng yellow cab... how true??

  6. @Dimaks:

    Yeah! Pizza lovers should always take advantage of the discounts that are available.

    Happy pizza eating!


    Masarap nga ang yellow cab, pero sabi sa akin ng isang pizza fanatic eh kung thin crust hanap mo ay sa Shakey's ka kasi the best ang thin crust pizza nila.

  7. wow, pizzas...i am really into pizzas, and this is really something i can consider!

  8. Yeah, consider this option and you will not be disappointed Steve

  9. Hi, After reading this... I planned on getting the card too especially on my birthday. Does it take a couple of days/months to get the card? Thanks.

  10. Lea:

    No Lea. You only have to wait for few minutes to get your card from Shakey's Pizza.

    All you have to do is to go to any of their branches and ask any Shakey's personnel for their card. Then you will fill some forms and pay them the corresponding fee for the card.

    I don't know how much the card costs right now but I guess it will not exceed 500 pesos.

  11. ohh phew. What a relief. Thank you! :)))


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