Exploring Ayutthaya Historical Park (Part 6): Good Bye Old City of Siam

It was already four PM when I bid farewell to the skeletons of the Portuguese Village and started biking to the old city. I had enough of Thai temples for the day so I had no intention of visiting one until I passed by this white wat along the way:

Wat Buddhai Sawan in Ayutthaya Historical Park

Well, there’s no harm in touring another temple so I decided to do a last temple visit.

This temple is Wat Buddhai Sawan. It was one of the first temples erected in the early years of Ayutthaya Kingdom. In fact, this was built during the reign of Ayutthaya's first king, U-Thong.

The main temple is very similar to Wat Ratchaburana, which is located in the old city.

Wat Buddhai Sawan in Ayutthaya Historical Park
Unlike the temples in the old city, the Buddha statues in Wat Buddhai Sawan are intact. It is as if the invading Burmese did not dare harm this temple.

Buddha statues in Ayutthaya Historical Park

There are also some golden Buddha statues, which I believe were installed recently.

Golden buddha statues in Ayutthaya Historical Park

They look similar with the Buddhas in Bangkok’s Wat Arun.

I bet that if there were golden buddhas in this temple in the past the invading Burmese surely took them home.

The unique sight that I saw in Wat Buddhai Sawan is the statue of the reclining Buddha.

This buddha statue was also left unharmed by the invaders.

Buddha peeking in Ayutthaya Historical Park

There’s not much to see in Wat Buddhai Sawan, so I resumed biking to the old city.

Visitors in Ayutthaya Historical Park

I went back to Better Café to return the bike and have some refreshments before going home.

Coffee shop in Ayutthaya Historical Park

I ordered a glass of blueberry smoothie and a piece of cake. There’s nothing special about these food but they are refreshing nonetheless. This is perfect reward for my successful tour around Ayutthaya Historical Park.

Smoothies in Ayutthaya Historical Park

As I mentioned in a previous post, Better Café is the shop where I rented my bike. The rental costs 100 Baht for whole day. Good thing that I rented a bike because I couldn’t reach the many interesting spots in Ayutthaya by just walking.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

So, that’s it! The last part of my adventure in Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand. It was one of the best adventures that I had during my 6-month stay in this country. I really enjoyed this place a lot even though I travelled alone.

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A Biker’s Adventure in Ayutthaya Historical Park


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  1. what a great journey you had Ish... 6 months ka pala nagstay sa thailand.. pinak bet ko yung St. Joseph Church ^_^.. sana makapagtravel din me outside ng Pinas ^_^

    1. I hope na makabyahe ka na nga outside ng Pinas para pang-international ka na. :-)

      Yup. 6 months. Yun na ang pinakamatagal kong tambay sa labs ng Pinas.

  2. Nakapag soul searching ka ba even though you traveled alone? hahaha. nevertheless, mukang ang ganda ng experience mo dito. :)

    1. Hindi ako nag-soul searching. Naggala lang talaga ako. :-P


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