Laag-Laag sa Cebu (Part 16): A Taste of Mandarin in Cebu City

As someone who frequents Binondo Chinatown, I am very familiar with the Chinese dishes. I posted previously about some restaurants that I dined in Binondo Chinatown such as the Lan Zhou La Mien and Ho Kui Tea House. Eating Chinese food is already passé for me that I am not keen to try one during my trips to Cebu. However, our generous host invited us to a dinner in a Chinese restaurant called A Taste of Mandarin.

A Taste of Mandarin in Cebu City

It is my first time to dine in a big (and I daresay upscale) restaurant in Cebu City. I usually eat in fast foods and food courts to save money. A Taste of Mandarin is comparable to Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant, where we held our wedding reception.

Red tables in A Taste of Mandarin in Cebu City

We are a big group but our generous host said that we can order anything.

So we ordered Fried Lapu-Lapu in Sweet and Sour Sauce…

Lapu-lapu dish in A Taste of Mandarin in Cebu City

…Shredded Beef with Green Pepper…

Beef dish in A Taste of Mandarin in Cebu City

…and these fried noodles.

Fried noodles in A Taste of Mandarin in Cebu City

I was not able to get good photos of the food because my friends are very quick eaters. I had to take quick shots lest I will not get any food.

All in all, our group had a good time in this Chinese restaurant. The food is quite nice and it reminded me of the good dishes that I had in Binondo Chinatown.

During the Spanish Era, the Chinese were a given the Barrio de Pari-an, which is the area north of the ciudad (or the Spanish settlement). Majority of the Chinese were merchants and the center of commerce is along Calle Colon, which is the oldest street in the Philippines. Unfortunately, much of the old Chinese stores and houses along Calle Colon were tore down and replaced by modern commercial buildings.

The hidden Chinese heritage of Cebu City explains why there is such place as Taoist Temple in the city. Aside from that temple, the only reminder of that lost heritage are the Chinese restaurants such as A Taste of Mandarin.

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  1. Sure looks like a very nice place with very nice Chinese delights.


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