My First Try of Tortang Talong Recipe

One of the things that I miss in Thailand is my cooking. I know that I’m a failure when it comes to cookery but I enjoy risking my life to create an edible-but-sometimes-not dish.

There is one vegetable that I played around during my 6-month stay in Thailand. I cooked two types of dishes for this veggie. One dish is adobo, which a failure. Another dish is the torta and you’ll be the judge if what I cooked is also a failure.

The veggie that I’m talking about is the talong (eggplant).

Now let me show you how I cooked the tortang talong recipe.

Step 1: Peeling of the Talong Skin

The first thing that I did is that I place the talong over the fire of my stove. The purpose of this is to burn the eggplant’s skin so as to make it easy to peel.

Tortang talong recipe - burnt and peeled eggplant

The grocery where I bought the talong only had the unripe green ones. I’ve been searching for the violet-colored talong to no avail.

The talong is so hot so I used fork to peel away the skin.

Step 2: Preparing the Egg Mix

Tortang talong recipe - egg and breading mix

I beat two pieces of egg. I had a chicken breading sitting in the cupboard for so many months so I mixed it with the egg. I felt that I already messed up when I mixed the breading.

Step 3: Talong + Beaten Egg

Tortang talong recipe - eggplant in the egg and breading mix

I then placed the talong in the egg mix. I made sure that the mix covered the whole talong.

Step 4: Fry Time

I placed the talong with egg mix to the pan with hot oil. I cooked both sides of the torta. Cooking this tortang talong recipe is very quick. It is just like cooking an egg omelette.

And voila, here is the tortang talong:

Final product of my tortang talong recipe

I know it is not a perfect tortang talong and it looks terrible. The breading got burnt too. Maybe I’ll not add chicken breading to my next tortang talong. The tortang talong tasted OK because it tasted like fried chicken because of the breading.

How about you, dear Reader, what can you say about my tortang talong?

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  1. Hmmmm...never had eggplant cooked this way - very interesting. We never remove the skin.

    1. Try cooking tortang talong STP. You'll like it. :-)

  2. I was wondering why the skin was peeled. Ok, I am not a cook so I cannot be a good judge to this. :)

    1. Peeling the skin is the way to cook tortang talong Kuya Jonathan.

  3. sorry bro but this is a major torta fail. better luck next time hahaha

  4. haha practice makes perfect! hmm isa yan sa mga favorite ko yum yum

  5. incidentally, tortang talong din ulam namin kagabi hahaha :D

    sarap yan isawsaw sa toyo-mansi with sili, yum!

  6. ;-) ang dali lang pala noh. pero san mo nga ulit sinugba? sa stove? buti naman di sunog. hehehe.

  7. Love tortang talong. But I don't use any breading. Just egg. Tsaka I like roasting it first in the fire (til the skin's black. I remove it naman din after) then cook with egg. Perfect with cold ketchup. =)

    Continue cooking! It's never too late naman to learn. Look at Julia Child. She was old na when she learned how to cook and she became success pa after. =)

    1. Tama ka. Iisipin ko si Julia Child kapag nafu-frustrate ako sa mga luto ko.


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