End of the Month Roundup - November 2013

Hello there! It’s been a long time since my last post on this blog. Please pardon my absence because I am getting busier and busier, not because of the Christmas Season, but of the coming D-Day for me and my Beloved.

We are getting nervous and anxious for the things that are in store for us next year. Wedding, particularly the ceremony, is like a baptism of fire, a test of patience and strength of our love for each other.

We have been busy going to Dangwa and Divisoria looking for supplies and suppliers. We talked to our friend who is wedding coordinator. We talked to the manager of our reception venue. We talked and talked and planned and planned. It seems like there is no end to it.

It is physically and emotionally taxing but we found ways to have fun for the wedding prep. I am even thinking of blogging about our experiences. Maybe I will start talking more of our wedding prep next year, after the D-Day.

Yummy shrimps from a street side restaurant in Bangkok Chinatown
Yummy shrimps from the Red Shirts.

I’m finally done posting about our trip to Bangkok Chinatown. I ended this post series with food! I really dining with Foong in Double Dogs Tea Room and the street side seafood restaurant run by the Red Shirts.

November is also a shocking month, not only for me but also for the whole country. Many people were either killed or left homeless by Typhoon Yolanda. People from Eastern Visasyas, Panay Island, Northern Cebu, Northern Palawan and other areas in the Visayas region were severely affected. It is a tragedy of unimaginable degree.

Hearts around the world were moved by the plight of kababayans. Foreign countries and foreigners in their personal capacity sent help to Yolanda afflicted areas. Unfortunately, relief efforts being done were tainted by politics.

It is December now and many people are hoping that brighter days are coming. We can hope and pray for that our kababayans can rise once again like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Merry Christmas Season to everyone!!!

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  1. November was indeed a shocking month. But the photos of those big red shrimps aren't shocking. They are salivating.:D

  2. I hear wedding bells ringing ahh! it's worth all the hard work


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