End of the Month Roundup - September 2013

I enjoyed blogging about Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn. I enjoyed it so much that I took almost a month posting about it.

Wat Arun is the first popular Bangkok tourist spot that I visited. I learned much about the culture of the Thai people when I made my posts about it. One thing that I learned is that Thai Buddhists (or Buddhists in general) incorporates deities and beliefs of other religion to their belief. This is why I saw Chinese and Hindu deities during our adventures to Wat Arun.

The first “Ber” month is over but I noticed that the forced Christmassy spirit was toned down this year. Maybe the reason is that Filipinos realized that it is a bad idea to have a very long Christmas Season. Or maybe the people are very angry or worried about many things like the Pork Barrel Scam that still rages on, the war in Zamboanga, or the calamities in Olongapo City because of the rains and landslides.

Images of Francisco Tatad and Edwin Lacierda
Tatad vs Lacierda

Speaking of Pork Barrel Scam, I posted on Tome of a Layman the press statement of former Senator Francisco Tatad regarding the challenge of presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda. I think that the Pnoy and his minions are having a hard time in explaining the irregularities that they committed when they met up with pork barrel scam “mastermind” Janet Lim Napoles in MalaƱang Palace.

I also posted my reflection for this Sunday's Gospel reading, which is about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. I said in that post that those who don't believe in the teachings of Moses and the Prophets will not believe in Jesus Christ.

The entrance exam for the Polytechnic University of the Philippines or PUPCET is finally open. I posted about it on my blog to help those who will be taking PUPCET. I also have other posts about PUPCET on Ahab Reviews and Tips that will be of great help to examinees like “Tips for PUPCET” and “Qualifications and Requirements for PUPCET”.

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Aside from talking about travel, I also posted about the yummy breakfast that Foong (my travel companion to Wat Arun) and I partook. We ate some roasted duck from Prachak and the very yummy durian with sticky rice dessert.

I took so many photos during our visit to Wat Arun. I have some favorites, of course, so let me share some of it.

Chinese lions at Wat Arun
"Angry Lions"

These lions reminds me of the ones I saw in San Agustin Church.

White guard of Wat Arun
"Standing Ground"

Ceiling of the ubosot of Wat Arun
"Red Sky, Golden Stars"

Demons lifting the prang of Wat Arun
"Demon Pillars"

Climbing up Wat Arun
"Up to Mount Meru"

Demon statue design on Wat Arun
"I am Atlas"

My posts about our trip to Wat Arun is finished but it doesn't mean that my adventures with Foong is over. Next month, I'll be talking about our trip to Bangkok Chinatown. So please stay tuned.

Before this month ends, I want to say “thank you” to the regular commenters of this blog for the month of September.

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