What’s With Smart?

I am encountering a problem with a promo of Smart Telecommunications, specifically with their All Text 20 promo. The promo gives the subscriber 100 pesos load credits for Smart to Smart or Smart to Talk n Text plus 10 pesos load credits for other networks.

In the past, I could make my load in that promo last three days. All I usually do is load in the morning. Supposedly, the validity period of that promo is 24 hours but that is not the real case. For example, if I load 10 AM at June 25 then my load should expire at 10 AM, June 26. However, the usual case is that the load expires at midnight of June 26 and the 10 pesos load credit remains with me until June 27.

Recently, my All Text 20 credits now only last for two days. How did this happen? Am I the only Smart subscriber who experiences this new development?

I am thinking that maybe, this is Smart Telecommunication’s reaction to the current Senate investigation against telecom companies.

That possibility is clearly possible.

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