Michael Jackson Is Dead

I got a big surprise when I opened my Internet this morning. Yahoo’s main page announced that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop and one of the most controversial singer of the last century, is dead. According to an article in Yahoo, the King of Pop died in UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Authorities did not yet state yet the cause of his death. He is just 50 years old when he died.

Throughout his life, Michael Jackson had been the center of attention, from his rise to pop stardom up until to his meteoric fall due to many scandals, specific of which are the accusations of pedophilia in his Neverland Ranch.

I will always remember this guy for some of weird videos of his concert wherein hundreds of his fans act like freaks. When I watched those videos, I couldn’t help myself but think why would these people act like that for a guy that look already like a skeleton. Sans the said video, I enjoyed many of Michael Jackson’s songs like Thriller, Smooth Criminal, and Heal the World. Heck, I even enjoyed his movie “Thriller.”

One thing is sure that will come due to the death of Michael Jackson, that is the sudden upshot of interest in items that he owned and other memorabilia that will be released to the public. At least our local showbiz “authorities” will have another “news” to tell this weekend.

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