Rocha's Puto & Kutsinta

Puto and kutsinta are two of the popular type of rice cakes in the Philippines. Puto is the spongy type of rice cake while kutsinta is sticky and usually partnered with grated coconut meat. Puto comes in differrent colors, shapes, and sizes while kutsinta are usually shaped circular and red in color.

I'm posting about these two Pinoy delicacies because of My Beloved Wife Lei's pasalubong: a box of Rocha's Puto and Kutsinta.

A box of Rocha's puto and kutsinta

Lei told me that she bought Rocha's Puto and Kutsinta from an office mate who sells these goodies for extra income. She bought it for 140 pesos but it's actual price is lower.

If I remembered it right, a box contains 25 pieces of puto and 25 pieces of kutsinta.

Puto and Kutsinta

There's no grated coconut but that's OK since Rocha's kutsinta tastes good even without it.

I like the puto more than the kutsinta. The puto has cheese on top, which made it special.

I couldn't stop myself from popping these puto and kutsinta into my mouth. Lei even have to warn me from eating all of these.

These puto and kutsinta are good, especially during breakfast.

If you want to taste Rocha's puto and kutsinta, I suggest that you drop by their shops Barangay Sto. NiƱo and Barangay Sta. Elena in Marikina City or in Laguna Bel Air, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Call 941-1519 for inquiries.

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  1. Wish I could taste those... I don't think we can get them here. Have a delightful and Blessed Sunday, you & missus.

    1. I do hope that in you'll try these in the next Filipino restaurant that you'll visit next.


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