A Relaxing Stop at Double Dogs Tea Room

Our adventure at Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun and Bangkok Chinatown is fun but it is also very tiring. My feet are already aching and I am thirsty. That's why I felt so relieved when travel companion Foong asked me to stop awhile in a tea shop.

I find Foong to be a peculiar tourist. He is the only friend of mine that brings a piece of paper containing a list of popular restaurants. Such habit is good since the restaurants that we visited during our trip are truly good. Double Dogs Tea Room is one of the restaurants that is in his list.

Double Dogs Tea Room at Bangkok Chinatown

I wondered why the owner named the tea shop as double dogs. My best guess is that the owner has two dogs and he likes them so much that they graced the name of his tea shop.

Double Dogs Tea Room at Bangkok Chinatown
Made me think if the dogs also like drinking tea.

We immediately settled at a table upon entering the tea shop. We were obviously tired of the long walks and we needed to recharge.

I ordered one bowl of egg soup. We both ordered Bloodhound Beer because the name sounded interesting. Another thing is that the menu said that this beer-mix can be “find nowhere”. A preposterous claim that challenged me so.

Choice of drinks at Double Dogs Tea Room, Bangkok Chinatown

Aside from tea, Double Dogs' pride is their homemade desserts. We ordered a cake and a homemade ice cream for desserts.

Double Dogs Tea Room is neat. It is cool enough due to the air conditioner, which is perfect for tourists who want to take a break from the heat outside. I like the design of the whole shop, especially the bookshelf. It means that patrons are being invited to stay for a while and read a good book while sipping their tea.

Interior of Double Dogs Tea Room, Bangkok Chinatown

The waitress that we met is polite but a little reserved. The reason maybe is that she is not fluent in speaking English.

Interior of Double Dogs Tea Room, Bangkok Chinatown

The Bloodhound Beer came first. Followed in a few minutes by the egg noodles.
Bloodhound Beer of Double Dogs Tea Room, Bangkok Chinatown

I tasted nothing special nor weird with the Bloodhound Beer. It tasted like ordinary beer. This beer can't be found nowhere but everywhere. Nonetheless, the beer is cold and refreshing. I partnered it with the egg noodles.

Egg noodle soup of Double Dogs Tea Room, Bangkok Chinatown

I enjoyed eating the egg noodles, though its taste not that different from the ones I had tasted in other places. Or maybe I'm not an expert in judging food since I am not a food connoisseur.

What we enjoyed the most is the homemade cake and ice cream. We ordered a tart named Tarte Au Citron and Kulfi Ice Cream.

Tarte au Citron of Double Dogs Tea Room, Bangkok Chinatown

The Tarte Au Citron tasted fine. But the award goes to Kulfi homemade ice cream because of its unique and very delicious taste!

Double Dogs' homemade ice cream has three flavors; namely Tradition (with ten spices and the “scent of the Orient”), Dance of Orient (with spices and 23-year aged Guatemalan rhum), and Mixed Fruit. We ordered the first one on the list.

Homemade Ice Cream of Double Dogs Tea Room, Bangkok Chinatown

I can't explain the taste since I can't fathom what spices were placed in this ice cream. It does not matter because it tasted really good. I guess that anyone who visit Double Dogs Tea Room should order the Kulfi Homemade Ice Cream.

Our receipt from Double Dogs Tea Room, Bangkok Chinatown

We paid a total of 450 Thai baht. I think that what we paid should be lowered since the Bloodhound Beer that we had is just an ordinary beer. Well, at least I tasted a very delicious ice cream and I was refreshed.

I guess it's time to finish the day with another walk around Bangkok Chinatown.


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  1. Haha! Me a peculiar tourist? LOL! I always do my research and note down a list of restaurants and eateries recommended by others before going on a trip. It's to make sure I have a higher chance of eating good food! :D

  2. LOL at "This beer can't be found nowhere but everywhere" hahaha!! Yeah, it's pretty ordinary :D

  3. Love the Kulfi ice cream!! Very unique taste and delicious right? Will definitely eat it again if I ever go there again next time! :)

  4. I also wonder why they call it Double Dogs Tea Room. But the name is definitely unique. Anyway, love this place. Glad we went there! : )

  5. The Tradition IC sounds really interesting. 10 spices? Wonder what those 10 are. Did they mention it in the menu? =)


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