An Unpleasant Morning

Last Wednesday, me and my younger sister were walking to my workplace when we happen to see this:
Lawton Park, Manila accident

A bus hit a jeepney near Lawton Park in Manila. The accident is the reason why there is heavy traffic from Quiapo Church area to Lawton. Because I am an “usisero,” I went near the accident to ask the other bystanders about what happened. One of the bystanders told me that the bus’ break malfunctioned and hit the jeepney. He also told me that at least one person, a pedestrian, died in the incident. I counted that two buses, two jeepneys and one van was involved in the accident.

I was about to leave the place when my sister told me that she saw something under the jeepney. I peeked under the vehicle and saw one of the victims, who I think is already dead. Policemen weren’t able to pull the person out and they are just waiting for rescue personnel or the SOCO.
Lawton Park, Manila accident usiseros

While we continue our walk, my sister told me that she felt bad because of what she saw. It is the first time that she saw a person who died due to a vehicular accident.

As for me, it is not the first time that I saw something as terrible as the accident last Wednesday. I saw one motorcycle rider who died along Quezon Avenue months ago. I also saw injured motorists, mostly motorcycle riders, a lot of times. Vehicular accidents are very common in Metro Manila and early morning news programs have scores of such news items every single day.

When I am still a college student, I have no fear in jaywalking across Commonwealth Avenue. I don’t care if that avenue is considered as the deadliest road in Asia. All I want is not to be inconvenienced in climbing up the high pedestrian overpass.

I now use the overpass because I don’t want to die just because I was hit by a bus while I jaywalk across Commonwealth Avenue. I wish that I will never see incidents like the one I saw last Wednesday. I hope that motorists and pedestrians will be careful to avoid unpleasant accidents from happening.


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  1. ohmy! thats terrible! :( i witnessed the students died during accident when I was 10yo. :( since then, i can't and scared of seeing blood. sigh

  2. Caroline

    Whoa! You witnessed an accident when you were young. That's terrible. :-(

    I do hope that accidents like the one you saw and the one that happened last week do not happen again.

  3. Yung pinsan ko nabundol ang binti. pasakay sya ng jeep tapos yung bus sa likod ng jeep nawalan ng preno. Isang binti nya naipit between the jeep at unahan ng bus. buti yung isa nyang binti e nakaangat na kundi sya mismo ang maiipit. Kakalungkot ang mga ganyang aksidente.

  4. Yes, always be careful when on the road...and pray that God will always protect...and guard and guide us in whatever we do and wherever we go.

    Have a nice weekend.

  5. OMG! Bus hits the jeepney? Scary! I was involved in an accident myself while in a tuk tuk in Cambodia. It was a shocking experience for me. Will blog about it soon!

  6. Yes better use the overpass - they are there for a reason. And I shall take note about this Commonwealth Avenue.

  7. Anney

    Hala. Grabe naman 'yung nagyari sa pinsan mo. Sa naman walang matinding nangyari sa binti niya.

    Nakakainis din kasi sa atin dito eh. Minsan sobrang maingat na tayo pero nadadamay pa din tayo sa mga aksidente kasi pabaya yung ibang mga tao.


    Hello. ^_^

    Usisero is someone who stand around accidents or incidents and just look around. In short, they are bystanders.

    An office mate of mine talked about tuk tuk in Thailand. He said that riding the tuk tuk is scary.

    Yes. That is why I am now using the overpass. Thank you for the vist. Have a blessed weekend.


    Yes. Asking for God's protection is a always a must. Have a blessed weekend too.

  8. That really is so sad. =(

    I believe we should all be more cautious when on the road -- whether you're a driver or pedestrian. =(

  9. Jane

    I agree. All of us should be careful.

  10. omg. That was a very terrible incident. So far, during my few months stay in Manila hindi pa naman ako nakakawitness ng road accidents. And I really wish I won't.

    Sa totoo lang, nakakatakot kasi yung mga city buses sa Manila. Ang bibilis magpatakbo at nag-uunahan sa pasahero. Good thing na umaakyat ka na ng overpass ngayon. Ako din tamad na tamad umakyat ng overpass (wala naman kasi nan sa probinsya) pero pinipilit ko nalang 'cos I have no choice.

  11. Lovely

    Grabe talaga dito sa Maynila. Walang pakundangan ang mga bus drivers dito kasi matindi ang kumpetensya nila pagdating sa pagkuha ng pasahero. Nagkakarera pa nga ang mga iyan eh.

    Kaya OK na iyang mapagod sa kakaakyat ng overpass kesa naman masagasaan ng rumaragasang bus.

  12. That's really unpleasant. Vehicular accidents nowadays are increasing

  13. Semidoppel

    Yeah. It is really unpleasant. Many people die because of carelessness while driving or crossing the streets.


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