La Familia Ahab is Now in La Laguna

The birth of Little Ahab brought big changes in our lives. One change is my instant entry to fatherhood and My Beloved Wife Lei to motherhood. Suddenly we had to shift our focus from ourselves to our unico hijo.

Another major change is the transfer of our residence from Metro Manila to the province of Laguna.

Map of Laguna
(Source: Wikipedia)

We moved to Laguna to avoid the pollution in Metro Manila. We don’t want Little Ahab to have lung problems because of the dirty air of the Metro.

Laguna is not alien to me. In fact, I frequently visit this province because Lei lived here for a long time before she got a job in Metro Manila.

Laguna is located south of Laguna de Bay and is bounded by the provinces of Batangas and Cavite, and Metro Manila. Laguna is famous because of its most illustrious son: Jose Rizal.

In our 4 months of residency, I can say that Laguna is a good place to raise our family. It’s less polluted. It’s safer. Lastly, it’s convenient because of the presence of major commercial establishments.

Despite these positive comments, I still have complaints like Laguna being so far away from Manila (traveling 4 hours each day is truly exhausting). Another complaint is our house is poorly made. The real estate developer is baloney. The truth is that many homeowners in our subdivision are not satisfied with their work. I might talk about this developer in the future.

Another thing that I like with Laguna is its numerous historical and tourist spots. I already visited the Majayjay Falls, Splash Island, Nuvali, and the churches in Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao, and BiƱan.

Majayjay Falls in Laguna

I know that Laguna has more surprises for me, Lei, and Little Ahab. Well, they just have to wait a few years so that Little Ahab and I can explore and discover the surprises.

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  1. Yehey! tatay na si ish! kaya pala parang missing in action ka lately? grabe nuh? we haven't seen each other in person but way back then magkakilala na tayu, milestone talaga! :) Masaya ako para sayo kuya Ish!

    1. Tama ka Steve. Ang tagal na nating magkilala dito sa blogworld. Estudyante ka pa nga noon eh. Hopefully magkita tayo in the future.

  2. there are so many great places to explore in Laguna including Pansol...
    happy for you Ish and your family.. yung biyahe nga lang from Laguna to Manila and vice versa yung problem but I'm sure you'll get used to it soon.. Cheers!

    1. Di ko pa napupuntahan yung Pansol. I-research ko nga kung anong interesting sa lugar na yan.

      Sanay na nga ako sa malayuang byahe pero nakakapagod pa din.

  3. Ang sarap maligo sa falls na yan ngayon!
    Congrats on fatherhood and advance Happy Father's Day.


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