5 Minor Reasons Why I Remain Catholic

There are, of course, major reasons why I’m still hooked with the Catholic Church. One is that the Catholic Church is the only church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The Church has an unbroken succession of leaders from Peter (who was personally commissioned by Jesus Christ prior to His ascension) to Pope Francis. Another major reason are the sacraments which gave me opportunities to be included part of the church, to receive forgiveness, etc. There are more major reasons which are articulated by better Catholic bloggers like Ate Stef and Doc Dicky. I suggest that you head to their blogs for more profound reasons.

Here I list the shallow reasons why I remain Catholic.

1. Ancient Churches

Malate Church
The old church of Malate.

Frequent visitors off this blog know that I like visiting Catholic churches. I always make it a point to enter the church of the town I’m visiting.  In the Philippines, only the Catholic Church can boast of old places of worship some which were built in the 16th Century. These ancient churches serve as the keepers of our culture and faith.

2. Saints

Paradise by Giusto de' Menabuoi
Paradise by Giusto de' Menabuoi

Protestant Christians always accuse of idolatry because of the saints. The truth is that they’re missing the truth. We are not worshiping the saints but we’re just asking for their intercession. The saints (like the Apostles and Mary) proved their fidelity to Christ and so got a slot in heaven. They are much closer to God than us who are here on earth. It feel so good to know that there are hundreds of holy people praying unceasingly in my behalf.

3. The Glue that binds that Philippines

Carta hydrographica y chorographica de las Yslas Filipinas by Pedro Murillo
Carta hydrographica y chorographica de las Yslas Filipinas by Pedro Murillo (Source: US Library of Congress)

No one can deny that the Catholic Church played a major role in creating the Philippine nation. The Spaniards came to this archipelago composed of thousands of tribes with various belief. The conquistadors subdued the pre-Filipino tribes but it is the Catholic missionaries who planted the root of nationhood. The Catholic faith united the Filipinos living in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao despite the differences in languages and culture.

4. Church leaders may be criticized

St. Catherine and Pope George XI
St. Catherine and Pope George XI

We recognize our bishops and priests to be special because they are God’s representative on earth but this doesn’t mean that they’re untouchable. Our priests, bishops, and even the Pope can be criticized or admonished (respectfully and charitably of course) especially if they’re straying away from the Faith. In other denominations, criticizing the chief minister or head pastor is considered blasphemy. This is not so with our Church because we know that our church leaders are humans and they’re sinners too.

5. My suffering has meaning

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Jesus told us to take up our cross and follow Him. The Church took this command seriously that’s why Catholics (and other Christians) in ISIS occupied lands chose to suffer than abandon the Faith. Their suffering is united with the Lord’s suffering on the cross. Even though I’m not persecuted, I can also offer my daily sufferings to Jesus. The inconvenience I experience in LRT, the stress I get every end of the work day, and all the petty pains will be accepted by the Lord. Hopefully in the future, the Lord will find me worthy to suffer for the sake of the Name.

These are shallow reasons but I believe that these are heavy enough to persuade some non-believers. In fact, I read that one person was converted by a more shallow reason: Catholic Memes. Well, the Holy Spirit really moves in in mysterious ways.

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  1. Cheers! ancient churches is probably one shallow reasons I have too.. but most of all, I choose to remain Catholic because I love my church, I love what we believe in and it's the Holy Spirit brought me here ^_^

    1. I am happy for you my Brother. May the Lord keep you in the Faith always.

  2. These are not petty at all. :)

    Just to share, I just got engaged to a Protestant. He loves Jesus Christ very much and is trying his best to live a true christian life: he hasn't drunk a single drop of alcohol all his life, doesn't smoke, tries not to curse, active in church, etc.It was always a topic to avoid when we talk about which church we will be married until our engagement. I said yes to a Christian wedding but don't get me wrong, my family is a devout catholic. We pray rosary every sunday and make it to a point that we go to mass as needed. But why say yes? I guess, it all boils down to how I want our family to be raised. I said that I've seen his values and I want that established in my kids. You may still be questioning why I am sharing this. My whole point is that I will not be converted. After a long debate and tears shed, I am glad he accepted this. I want to stay catholic, I love being one. And as this freedom is given to me, if my kids in the future finds God through a Christian or Catholic faith, I will give them their desire to choose too. :)

    Sorry for the long comment and thanks for reading. I'm just validated by your post that's why. :)

    1. I'm glad that you were touched by my post even though what I wrote here ia not theologically deep. God respects our freedom and its good that you respected your future children's freedom. My only request that you direct your future children to the Catholic faith. Also, do your best to bring your husband to the Faith.

      You are convinced of the beauty of the Faith. Since you love your future children and husband then you should give that beauty to them.

  3. The old churches are built to stand tall and strong. Have a happy week!

  4. evry filipino would say we are in a free country and we r free to believe to what we think is good and bad...we are all created by God and yet only FEW knew Him and accepted Him..a true believer of Jesus read His words and apply dem in der lives..if we reali want to knw more about our creator we nid to read d bible for it is wer He said His standards for our lives..we cnt jst b amazed or satisfy wd d attractions of our faith dat brings us..Jesus said I am a jealous God and a Holy God...meaning He hates SIN and give punishment to it and He doesnt like any things..event..person etc dat are all first in our lives

  5. Love the Word - Live the Word. The Word of God is food for our souls and out spirit each day. The Word of GOD reminds our flesh that it does not rule us. Yes we take good care of our bodies, they are our earthly dwelling and the temple of the Holy Spirit, but we live each day knowing that this present life is temporary -- we live it by faith, because we look forward to our heavenly dwelling being prepared now by Jesus Himself. Psalm 119:89 in the New Living Translation says: Forever; O Lord, Your Word stand firm in heaven. Psalm 119: 96-98 "Nothing is perfect except you words. Oh how I love them. My friend, nothing in this world can ever keep you, only the Word of GOD can keep you secure.

    1. Thank you very much for your profound message Rowie.


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