5 Perfect Places for Father & Son Bonding Moments

Today I celebrate Father’s Day for the first time (it’s the second time actually if we count the time when Little Ahab was in the womb). It felt so good to be greeted by friends and family and, of course, by My Beloved Wife Lei. Little Ahab can only utter “ah”, “gah”, and “waaaaah” but I took that to mean “I love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day”.

I spent this day playing Little Ahab’s favorite games like Peek-a-Boo, Pull Mommy’s Hair, and the classic Pee on Daddy. We both enjoy those games and seeing my son’s smiles and laugh makes me happy. However, I know that my son’s likes and favorites will change when he grow up so I prepared a list of 5 places where Little Ahab and I can have our bonding moments:

1. PAF Aerospace Museum

PAF Aerospace Museum

Aeroplanes! Who doesn’t like airplanes? I bet that Little Ahab will like this place. The warplanes in PAF Aerospace Museum would be the life size version of his aeroplane toys. He can ride on some of the warplanes and helicopters and then we imagine flying over the city.

2. Enchanted Kingdom or Star City or any amusement park

Pink train at Dreamworld Bangkok

My parents brought me once to (now defunct) Fiesta Carnival in Cubao when I was a kid. I want Little Ahab to experience that. That's why we will try the roller coaster, the Ships Ahoy, and other scary rides that will make Mommy faint. We can go to Star City or Enchanted Kingdom or even the local perya.

3. Museo Pambata

Display in Museo Pambata
(Source: Museo Pambata website)

Museo Pambata is truly for kids because they are allowed to play and touch the displays here. Of the 8 Theme Rooms, I will bring Little Ahab to “My Body Works” where he can see big displays of internal body organs. This is the place where by little boy can learn and play at the same time.

4. Manila Ocean Park

An aquarium in Manila Ocean Park

The colorful fishes, the amazing jellyfishes, the sea lion show, the penguins, and many more are what Little Ahab will see in Manila Ocean Park. The aquarium tunnel will be the highlight of our day here. I really want to see his reaction when he is surrounded by fishes.

5. The Beach

Beach in Bulan, Sorsogon
Beach in Bulan, Sorsogon

My Beloved Wife Lei loves the beach so this is place will be for our family bonding. I will let Little Ahab taste the salty sea, and then teach him how to swim. I will ask him to bury me under the sand. Of course, we will build a sand castle. We can visit many beaches: Boracay, Puerto Galera, Camotes Island, Davao, Palawan – any beach will do as long as we’re together.

This list is not only for me but for all of the fathers who want to spend quality time with their toddlers. So, take a day or two off for work and bring your little one to any of the places listed here. Savor the moments while they’re young because they grow very fast.

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  1. It's all about 'em kid(s). Same when my girl was small - went to all the places she would love and enjoy...and when going on a holiday, it was the same - all for her.

    1. You're right. We parents sacrifice the things that we want for our children.

  2. belated Happy Father's Day sayo Ish ^_^
    I love all these places pero I'll go for the Manila Ocean Park hehe di pa kasi ako nakakapunta jan eh ^_^

    1. Ano pa kasi hinihintay mo? Puntahan mo na. Dalhin ang buong pamilya.


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