On the Way to Phukhieo Wildife Sanctuary

I mentioned in the previous post that we took a stopover at a big wat somewhere north of Bangkok. Who are those “we”? Well, obviously I'm not Multiple Man so I can't make copies of me. I joined a tour to one of wildlife parks of Thailand. Our destination is Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary.

Welcome sign of Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary

The trip to Phukhieo is the longest land trip of my life! I'm not exaggerating when I say that my butt hurt most of the duration of the trip. Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary is miles and miles away from Bangkok.

Road to Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary
Are we there yet?

Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Chaiyaphum Province, which is about 280 km northeast of Bangkok. The province is divided into two by the Phetchabun Mountain Range*. The place is highly forested that's why there are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in this province.

We rented two vans for this trip since our group consists of around 20 people. We started our travel around 7 AM and we reached Phukhieo around 5 PM! Very long trip right? Well, stopovers are included in the travel time.

Road to Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary
Still on the road.

Sitting inside the van for the whole day is boring. Me and my seatmates killed time by talking, sleeping, talking, munching biscuits, etc. We even made fun of those who are sleeping (he he he). Our group became excited when saw welcome sign of Phukhieo and some rhinoceros.

Statue of rhinoceros at Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary

The travel to the main area of the wildlife sanctuary still took around an hour.

Road inside Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary
Almost there...

We are so happy and relieved the moment we reach the office of Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary in the middle of the forest. But before we went to our rooms, the staff of Phukhieo invited us for a short introduction of the wildlife sanctuary inside their office.

All of my tiredness due to long travel was gone the moment I saw the big skull of an elephant.

Giant elephant skull in Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary

The skull is very big! Its tusk is longer than my arm. How I wish I can take this back home and display it at the front yard of our house.

One of the park rangers told us many things about Phukhieo. Were gathered around the big scale model of the wildlife sanctuary.

Scaled model of Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary

Aside from the skull, I also discovered some remains from pandas.

Fossils of pandas in Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary

I didn't know that pandas once roamed Thailand. Now they're all gone in Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary. Maybe the reason that they're not here is because bamboo tastes better in China.

After the short introduction, we we went to the guest house...

and took a short rest in our room.

Our room in Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary

I will talk about our adventures in Phukhieo so stay tuned to my future posts. 


*Chaiyaphum Province page of Wikipedia.

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  1. Wow, the wildlife sanctuary is simply amazing. ang ganda ng lugar!

    pano ba tamang pronounciation ng "Phukhieo"? haha, nabubulol ako XD

  2. ai bitin naman....na excite ako kasi ang talagang 10 hours yung ride, it must have been tiring...:) so i'm excited to see more of the sanctuary...it'll better be good....hehe


    1. Nakakatakot naman si Xoxo. I do hope that my posts about Phukhieo is good. :-)

  3. Interesting a. Pandas pala were also in Thailand. Rhinos too. Didn't know that. =)

    1. I'm not sure about the rhinos Tin. I think they just made the rhino statues as design. But Pandas, yeah, the presence of their fossils is a surprise for me.

    2. Tama po pala ang inyong hinala. May rhinos po sa Phukhieo.

    3. A Thai stumbled upon you blog.

      Honestly I'm a bit confuse that you don't know there were rhino in TH. Sorry if I'm wrong but do you think rhino only exist in Africa? If so, it's not.
      Rhino lives all over Asia: in IN, CH, esp. our south east Asia. Not just TH, MY, MM, and even archipelago like ID has rhino. But ours are other spices of African rhinos (black and white rhino).

    4. Thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I didn't know at first that rhino exists in Thailand. I just discovered it after doing an Internet search.

      Anyway, please pardon my ignorance.

    5. Back after almost half a year. Hey don't take it serious. Be easy. We all don't know something in our life. Nobody know everything, including me. :)

  4. parang skull ng mammoth ee hmm
    may remains pa ng panda huhu kawawang Panda!
    ung model ee parang banaue ee nu

  5. Wow!! It took 10 hours to reach there from Bangkok?!

    1. Yeah Foong! Ten hours! But the stopovers are included. We need to stretch our muscles after some hours of sitting.

  6. That's an amazing huge skull of an elephant!

  7. Oh there are pandas too? I am sure pandas were all over the place in Asia. But they prefer China because of the bamboos haha!!

  8. And besides there's a panda in Malaysia which is not very far from Thailand. Hahaha!! ; )

  9. Looking forward to your adventures in Phukhieo! : )

  10. wow... 7 am to 5 pm.... kahot ata battery ng phone ko di tatagal LOL..
    excited naman ako sa next post...based on the diorama.. mukhang sobrang laki nung sanctuary huh

    1. Ano ba yang baterya ng phone mo Milton? Hindi tumatagal ng ten hours? :-P

      Malaki talaga itong Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary. Ilang mountains din ang sakop nito.

  11. The road reminds me of the ones we have here - dual-lane only...and bumpy and full of pot-holes - not like the nice smooth multi-laned highways over in mainland/Peninsula Malaysia. That is why we over here are quite sore as they take our oil revenue for most of the development over at their side. :(


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