2019 List of No Visa Country for Filipinos

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How far can a Philippine passport bring us? This is the question that Filipino Sojourners like me asked when I received my passport. Some of our kababayan OFWs use the Philippine passport as key to a better future. For others, the Philippine passport is the key to tourist destinations outside of the country.

According to Henley Passport Index, the Philippine passport can only bring us to 67 countries and territories without applying for a visa at the embassy or consular offices. Passport issued by other countries can take their nationals to more destinations. The Japanese passport, which is the top 1 on the list,  can bring its holder to 189 countries visa-free. It just show that many countries wanted the Japanese people as visitors. The Philippine passport, on the other hand, is ranked 73rd  out of 104 ranks.

67 countries and territories that offer visa free entry to Filipinos is still good news. So pick up your travel bucket list and write the names of countries and territories included in the 2019 List of No-Visa-Entry Countries for Filipinos:


1. Brunei
2. Cambodia
3. Indonesia
4. Laos
5. Malaysia
6. Myanmar 
7. Singapore
9. Vietnam


1. Hong Kong
2. Kyrgyzstan (Visa on Arrival) 
3. Macao
4. Maldives (Visa on Arrival)
5. Mongolia
6. Nepal (Visa on Arrival)
7. Sri Lanka (Visa on Arrival)
8. Taiwan
9. Tajikistan (Visa on Arrival)
10. Timor Leste (Visa on Arrival)


1. Benin (Visa on Arrival)
2. Cape Verde Islands (Visa on Arrival)
3. Comores Islands (Visa on Arrival)
4. Cote d'Ivoire
5. Djibouti (Visa on Arrival)
6. Gambia
7. Guinea-Bissau (Visa on Arrival)
8. Kenya (Visa on Arrival)
9. Madagascar (Visa on Arrival)
10. Malawi (Visa on Arrival)
11. Mauritania (Visa on Arrival)
12. Mauritius (Visa on Arrival)
13. Morocco
14. Mozambique (Visa on Arrival)
15. Rwanda 
16. Senegal
17. Seychelles (Visa on Arrival)
18. Somalia (Visa on Arrival)
19. Tanzania (Visa on Arrival)
20. Togo (Visa on Arrival)
21. Uganda (Visa on Arrival)


1. Cook Islands
2. Fiji
3. Marshall Islands (Visa on Arrival)
4. Micronesia
5. Niue
6. Palau Islands (Visa on Arrival)
7. Papua New Guinea (Visa on Arrival)
8. Samoa (Visa on Arrival)
9. Tuvalu (Visa on Arrival)
10. Vanuatu


1. Dominica
2. Haiti
3. St. Lucia (Visa on Arrival)
4. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
5. Trinidad and Tobago (Visa on Arrival)


1. Bolivia
2. Brazil
3. Colombia
4. Costa Rica 
5. Ecuador
6. Nicaragua (Visa on Arrival)
7. Peru
8. Suriname

Middle East

1. Armenia (Visa on Arrival)
2. Iran (Visa on Arrival)
3. Israel
4. Palestinian Territory

The 2019 List of No-Visa-Entry Countries for Filipinos was referred to the Henley Passport Index.

Henley Passport Index ranks world passport according to the number of destinations that their holders can enter without a prior visa or visa issued by embassies and consular offices. 

Filipinos can enter countries and territories listed above without applying for visa in their embassies or consular offices in Manila. It is notable that countries and territories in Europe, North America, and first world countries are not included in the list. In short, we Filipinos need to apply for visa to enter those countries. 

The countries and territories listed above are not that bad. Israel, for example, is part of many travel bucket list of Filipinos because many of our kababayan wanted to visit the places associated with our lord Jesus Christ. I, for one, want to go to Israel and do a sort of pilgrimage to the holy sites in that country.


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