Visita Iglesia: Marine Barracks Chapel

A friend had his wedding inside the place, which I think, is the most unexpected of all. This place is the chapel inside of the Marine Barracks in Fort Bonifacio. It was unexpected because my friend is not a member of the Marine Corps and I thought that weddings of soldiers are the only ones allowed inside a military camp.

Marine Barracks Chapel

I am glad, nonetheless, because I got the chance to enter the Marine Barracks and even its chapel.

Image of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary La Naval de Manila at the Marine Barracks Chapel

The chapel was dedicated to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary La Naval de Manila. There’s a bit of history why a chapel inside a camp under the Philippine Navy was dedicated to her.

In 1646, Netherlands and Spain were at war. The Philippines, then a colony of Spain, was not spared from the attacks of the Dutch.  The colonial naval force was in a sorry state during that time. Initially, the Spanish-Filipino navy only had 4 ships, two of which was described as old and rotting away. The Dutch, on the other hand, deployed 18 ships.

Defeat was the obvious outcome if these two navies clash. The only hope in defeating the Dutch is a miracle. The soldiers prayed the Rosary on their knees. They even vowed that they will walk barefoot to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary when they emerge victorious.

Their prayers were answered and the Dutch navy received a death blow after the fifth battle near Lubang Island of Mindoro.

Since the victory against the Dutch, the image of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary La Naval de Manila (which is currently enshrined in Santo Domingo Church), is one of the most revered images of Mama Mary in the Philippines.

Because of her miracle, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary La Naval de Manila became the patroness of the Philippine Navy.

Altar of the Marine Barracks Chapel

The chapel's interior is simple but I like it. Since it is just a chapel, its interior is not spacious enough. But I think it’s good for couples who want privacy for their wedding. The small space is perfect for a small number of guests. Also, the public shy away from the chapel since it is located inside the Marine Barracks.

Marine Barracks Chapel altar

What I like the most with this chapel is that the Tabernacle is at its rightful place.

I don't know if the chapel can be visited by anyone. What I know is that it is open for weddings, and maybe, for other special occasions.


Information about the naval battle by Filipinos and Spaniards against the Dutch were obtained from website of La Naval de Manila and the Battles of La Naval de Manila and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary la Naval de Manila articles from Wikipedia.


Visita Iglesia is a Catholic tradition of visiting seven churches during Maundy Thursday. For each day, this Holy Week, I will feature one church as a sort of virtual Visita Iglesia.

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  1. Not too fond of the modern design outside but the chapel is absolutely awesome. So nice!

    1. The style of this chapel is a bit modern, but I think it is tolerable. I heard of worse modern-style churches. I am glad that you like the inside of this chapel.


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