Visita Iglesia: Our Lady of the Airways Church

Catholics believe that Mary is the most powerful intercessor. No other saint, or even angels, can come closer to our Lord Jesus Christ than Mary did. She didn’t just stood beside Jesus, she actually bore Jesus in her womb! This is the reason why Mary was given many titles and appointed intercessor for many concerns.

On first three days of this year’s virtual Visita Iglesia, we read Mary as intercessor for grace and good remedy and patroness of the whole Philippine Navy. Now, you'll read about the Virgin Mary as the patroness of the airways.

Our Lady of the Airways Church in Pasay City

I first saw this red-colored church 5 years ago when I had an errand with the Civil Aviation Authority. What caught my eye is the lone statue of Mary with a curly hair, which reminded me of a very close friend who has kulot (curly) hair.

Our Lady of the Airways icon in front of the church

Airmen, pilots, flight stewards and those who are working in the aviation industry desire for a safe sky. I think this is the reason why this church, which is located near Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), is dedicated to Our Lady of the Airways.

Altar of Our Lady of the Airways Church

The altar of this church is very simple. There is no other icon than that of the crucified Christ at the center and the peculiar icon of Mama Mary at the side.

Icon of Our Lady of the Airways in the church

It was the first time I saw an icon that shows Mama Mary with a propeller. She really is the Lady of the Airways. Her icon at the church's bell tower looks better:

Icon of Our Lady of the Airways at the bell tower

I like the airplane on her dress.

I think that this title of the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of the Airways is not popular. I found only one church, other than that in Pasay City, named for Our Lady of the Airways and that is located in Ontario, Canada.

Now that I know that Mama Mary may be called upon as Our Lady of the Airways, I will ask for her intercession whenever I fly.

I found this prayer for Our Lady of the Airways.

Our Lady of the Airways
(Source: Our Lady of the Airways Parish (Ontario))

O Mary, Our Lady of the Airways, my Heavenly Mother, I place myself under your guidance and protection upon this journey which I am about to undertake, and I ask that with your heavenly aid and upon the Wings of the Winds that this earthly journey may be brought to a safe landing.

May I also ask that upon the Wings of Prayer, and through your heavenly intercession that my last journey in this life may end at the Eternal Airport of Life Everlasting with you and your Divine Son in Heaven. Amen.


Visita Iglesia is a Catholic tradition of visiting seven churches during Maundy Thursday. For each day, this Holy Week, I will feature one church as a sort of virtual Visita Iglesia.

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  1. Thank you for this post, especially for the prayer at the end. I remember passing by this church back in 1990 and it immediately caught my attention.

    I have crossed the globe as an airline pilot on many million miles and airways since then and I hope to return to Manila one day. If I will, I promise to support a Philippine person.

    God bless you.

    ER Germany

    1. You're very much welcome. I'm happy to see you enjoyed this blog post. And thank you for your promise. I hope that you return to Manila soon.

      God bless you too. :-)


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