End of the Month Roundup - April 2013

The month of April finally came to its end. My blog series about our 18-kilometer pilgrimage from Monumento to Baclaran Church also came to its end. I enjoyed reminiscing our exhausting but unique experience. I do hope that many of you enjoyed reading about it too.

I know that some of you are expecting to read about my adventures in Thailand. I'm happy to announce that I will resume talking about my Siamese adventures in the month of May. My topic for that month is the shopping places in Bangkok. I'm sure that shopaholics out there will enjoy this blog series.

April can be considered a stressful month for me. I felt the shock of the sudden change of environment. My life is easy and workload-free in Thailand, which is very different from my life in the Philippines. I returned to our office to deal with 6-month pending workloads and other requests. There is so much activities that I don't know how to fit my time.

I'm also back to commuting between our house and the office, which means that I'm back in competing with hundreds of commuters every day in getting good seats inside the bus. The Summer season is unhelpful too because of the stroke inducing heat. The Election Season, with the irritating campaign jingles, disgusting political posters, and the more disgusting promises (a.k.a. lies), also made my April less than savory.

Fortunately, April is not all gloomy. There are many things to enjoy especially the things that I missed while in Thailand. These are my family, the warm embrace of my Beloved, the daily visit to the Adoration Chapel and the present-everywhere Catholic churches. Even commuting is fun when I see amusing scenes like this:

Barker in Metro Manila in Naruto costume
A Naruto character appeared.

Really, there's no other place like home. :-)

Me and my Beloved went to a movie for the first time since I returned to Thailand. We watched “It Takes a Man and a Woman” starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo.

Poster of It Takes a Man and a Woman
(Source: Starmometer)

The movie is OK but it paled in comparison to other local movies that we watched last year.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that I got another chance to visit Lucban this month. I saw the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine again and it is now more beautiful than the first time I visited it about 3 years ago.

Going up the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine, Lucban

I will talk about our visit to Lucban maybe before this year ends.

Now. Let me give you the summary of post that I posted in the month of April. This month is dominated by my posts about our pilgrimage from Monumento to Baclaran Church. I also talked about my cooking like the fish sausage and the tortang talong. I also talked about the delicious Chinese dishes at Lan Zhou La Mien and the noodles I had eaten at Victory Monument, Bangkok.

I divided my narrative about our pilgrimage into four parts. The first part is the beginning of our pilgrimage, the second is the walk from Monumento to Blumentritt, the third part is the walk from Blumentritt to Binondo Church and the last part is the walk from Binondo to Baclaran Church.

Pilgrims from Filipinos for Life
Filipinos for Life pilgrims.

A positive note about this pilgrimage is that some people became interested with what we did. Some people, including Ma'am Maritel Ledesma, said that they want to have their own Lenten pilgrimage. I do hope that many people will join or make their own pilgrimage in the next Lenten Season. I'm sure that our Lord will be glad to see many Christians doing acts of penance and sacrifices.

These are the things that happened to me and my blog for the month of April. Hope that you also enjoyed this month. May we all have a blessed month of May. God bless you all.

End of the Month Roundup is the monthly segment of this blog that summarizes all the adventures that I featured for the month.

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  1. I am excited to see your entries regarding shopping places as I am not that keen in shopping. Sometimes, I take for granted things because I had been here for so long that I learn from the newbies.

    I like the pilgrimage series. It takes great faith and strong will to continue with one's promise. I hope to do that one day during Lent.

    1. I do hope that you do the pilgrimage too during next year's Lenten Season.

      I'm glad you're excited. I'll try to be as informative as I could. :-)

  2. Yihii naman! kami di namin napanood ang movie ni John Lloyd and Sarah. di na umabot. hehehehe.

    1. Hehe...bili na lang kayo ng DVD. I'm sure magre-release ang Star Cinema ng DVD ng movie na ito.

  3. nice naman pala ang April para sayo ee,
    anyway ganda nyang movie na ya dame ko tawa dyan ee!
    saka want ko din mkapunta dyan sa kamay ni hesus shrine

    1. Nawa'y makapunta ka nga sa Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.

  4. I know those two stars. Filipinos are sooooo good looking. Sarah's a singer, if I'm not mistaken?

    1. Wow! I didn't expect that John Lloyd and Sarah are known outside of the Philippines. :-) That's good to know.

      Sarah is indeed a singer.

  5. Pak, may Akatsuki member on the loose. Hulihin yan, masyadong mapanganib. Tinatawagan sila Naruto at mga ninja ng Konoha hahaha :D

    Napanood ko na din yung It takes a man and a woman and super tawa ako ng tawa kay Laida Magtalas ver 2.0 XD

    1. Hehe...nakakatawa nga yung movie na ito. Lalo na si John Lloyd. Pero mas gusto ko yung mga nauna.

  6. So your time in Thailand was pretty stress free? : )


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