My Candidates in 2013 Elections

Yes, it's fiesta season.

I feel like I’m searching for a needle in a haystack when I making a list of candidates who I’ll vote this coming election. It is very hard because there are so many candidates to choose from and almost all of them had the same slogans and motherhood-statements.

Looking back at the set of candidates that I chose in the 2010 elections made me realize that my criteria became stricter. Many things had changed since 2010. I was drawn more to the Catholic Faith and I have been active in fighting against the RH Bill (now a law) and other proposed DEATH bills.

The criteria that I have for choosing the candidate that I will vote for are as follows:

Criteria 1: He/she does not promote ideologies that are in contradiction to the teachings of the Catholic Church. More specifically, the candidate is not an advocate of contraception, abortion, euthanasia, same sex union, divorce and other beliefs that are against the sanctity of the family and sacredness of life.

Criteria 2: The candidate is living (or trying to live) a morally upright life. This means that he/she is not having an extra-marital affair, or a boss of a criminal organization, etc.

I know that these criteria are very strict but these are the things I can’t compromise. I can compromise my stand on gun ownership, economic policies, foreign policy and other aspects but not these criteria.

I think that only four candidates satisfied my criteria and I will surely vote for them this election. These candidates are:

Marwil Llasos (#20)

Marwil Llasos is one of the senatorial candidates of Ang Kapatiran Party. What I like with this candidate, aside from satisfying my criteria, is that he is not afraid to say that he is a Catholic especially now that secularism is on the rise in this country. In a TV debate, he introduced himself as a consecrated secular Dominican which made me say that this man is courageous indeed. He is also a lawyer thus he will not have a hard time crafting laws in Senate. Please check the Monk’s Hobbit blog for more info about Marwil Llasos.

Lito Yap David (#9)

Lito David (Ang Kapatiran Party) is certified Tondo-boy. He was born in the slums of Tondo and spent his young life making ends meet with his parents. With this kind of experiences that Lito David has, I can say that he truly feels the plight of the poor. As he said, “I went through poverty. Saw it, ate, slept, lived with and struggled against it, often at the risk of losing what I have established for myself and my family.” 
Having a poor-family background is not the only qualifications of Lito. He worked for a very long time in the government and served as staff of Senator Kit Tatad and Senator Jaworski. This means that Lito knows the ins and outs of Senate. If you really want a Senator who truly cares for the poor families in our country, I highly suggest that you vote Lito Yap David.

Please check Monk’s Hobbit blog for more info about Lito David.

JC Delos Reyes (#10)

Those who followed the 2010 elections surely know JC Delos Reyes of Ang Kapatiran Party. He ran the presidential race even though he and the party don’t have the machinery and funds of the mainstream parties. He lost the last election but his zeal for improving our government didn’t end there. He continues the fight with other Ang Kapatiran Party candidates as he run for a Senate seat.

JC Delos Reyes is not a newbie in governance because he was once a councilor in Olongapo City. JC campaigned against illegal drugs and rampant violations of Hanjin against its workers. He may be a relative of the Gordons but he said that he parted ways from that famous political clan for the sake of his fight against political dynasties. This is what I admired with JC. He can use this connection with the famous name of the Gordon clan to get positions in the government but he never does so. You will notice that he don’t use “Gordon” in his campaign.

If you want a service with a heart then please vote for JC Delos Reyes this coming election.

Please check Monk’s Hobbit blog for more info about JC Delos Reyes.

Mitos Magsaysay (#23)

Mitos Magsaysay fought to the end during the fight against the RH Bill in Congress. She fought on even many of the anti-RH lawmakers already folded to the pressure of Noynoy Aquino and gang. She could easily give up the fight and get the pork barrel funds and the friendship of those who are in Malakanyang. But she didn’t and that’s what I admired of her.

My friends in the Filipinos for Life group met Mitos Magsaysay a lot of times during talks and their usual comment that she is a down-to-earth politician. I will vote for her because I know that she has the guts to stand up for what we are fighting for. She will be an iron lady in the Senate.

These are just four candidates that I will surely vote this coming election. I’m still 8 candidates short for the 12 positions that I can vote for in the Senate. Other candidates that I’m considering are Koko Pimentel, Christian Seneres, Greco Belgica, Bal Falcone and Samson Alcantara.

For the partylist, I’ll be voting for the Ang Prolife Partylist (#42)

I’m sure that this partylist is not connected to any communist group nor a front of mainstream political party or political clan. Ang Prolife Partylist’s stands on the anti-life bills are very clear. They are against the culture of DEATH.

These are the candidates that I had chosen this 2013 Election. I hope and pray that you consider them also when you go to the election precinct on May 13. It is time to stop voting for the same old politicians who are espousing beliefs that are destructive to our nation. It is time to bring true progress. Please vote Marwil Llasos (#20), Lito David (#9), JC Delos Reyes (#10) and Mitos Magsaysay (#23) for the Senate and Ang Prolife Partylist (#42) for Congress.


Image source is the Team Buhay Facebook page.

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  1. All the best to you and your fellow-Filipinos. Election Day in Malaysia today - whoever wins, hope they will work for the good of the country and its people. Let us pray.

    1. It was election season in your country too. I read about the Malaysian election and many Malaysian are not impressed with the election result.

    2. Whoever wins, there will be sore losers...

  2. grabe naman yan! sino maglilinis nyan after election amp! haha
    anyway malaki talaga factor ung my wisdom from god ung mga dapat iboto!
    sayang at fi ako makakaboto this election

    1. Ay sayang at hindi ka makaboto. Tulungan mo na lang ako mangampanya. Ikampanya mo mga kandidato ko sa family mo na pwedeng bumoto. Please...

  3. Proper research made me vote for the same people!

    1. Yes! I hope that all of the voters do some research too before going to the precincts on Monday.

  4. I won't be able to vote now. I was expecting to be in Manila by the time of elections so I didn't transfer my records here in SG. Kaya lang we have to stay here for a while. Sayang talaga. =(

    1. Sayang po talaga. Bawi na lang po kayo sa susunod na eleksyon.

  5. go ako for JC Delos Reyes.. we need new people so gobyerno . nakakasawa na kasi yung dynasty.. anung sinabi ni NancyBinay dito? hehe

    1. Tama ka d'yan. Dapat sa mga miyembro ng corrupt political dynasties ay pagretiruhin na.

  6. Ooh! You have very strict criteria! Haha!

    1. Yes. :-) It's better to be strict than vote for someone who goes against my faith.

  7. Happy voting! Wait.. is the election over?

  8. OMG!! Look at that first photo!! So many banners!!! Worse than Malaysia! LOL!


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