Noodle Time at Victory Monument

Victory Monument is not much of a tourist attraction. Tourists don't go there to marvel at the tall obelisk in the middle of the rotunda. They go there either to ride vans going to the provinces or taste yummy Thai foods.

Victory Monument is a busy place, thanks for its being a transportation hub. Thus, it also became a sort of Thai street food hub.

Busy day at Victory Monument Bangkok
The busy Victory Monument.

One of the stall that I noticed is the one located near the escalator.

Food stall at Victory Monument Bangkok

I had a hard time communicating with the lady at the food stall. She couldn't understand English so I just pointed at the food that I wanted. The lady just motioned me to go to the tables near the stall.

I'm ignorant of the scheme when eating at this place. I actually didn't need to go to the stall. All I need to do is to sit at the table and then somebody will come to get my orders.

Open restaurant at Victory Monument

The waiter immediately brought a metal cup with crushed ice. There is no free water so I was forced to buy a bottle of it.

It was about an hour before the usual evening rush so the place is not yet crowded. I bet that this restaurant has plenty of customers, based on the number of tables that they have.

Patrons of Victory Monument Bangkok open air restaurant

My short wait was over and this is what I got:

Is this Thai boat noodles?

Looks yummy!

I noticed some chicharon (deep-fried dried pork rind) on my table.

Chicharon of Thailand

I'm sure that it is to be mixed with the noodles. I know, however, that I have to pay extra if I'll open a pack of chicharon. So, as a cheapskate, I didn't try chicharon with my noodles.

So what's the verdict? I say that it tastes good! The soup is not spicy but just perfect to my palate. It has pork meat and coagulated pork blood (in Philippines we call it betamax). At first, I thought that the white things in the dish are squid meat. I realized then that it is the noodles, which are short and fat but tasted bland. The soup tastes OK but I think I tasted better ones in a noodle shop inside a mall also in the vicinity of Victory Monument.

I paid around 50 Baht for the noodles and the bottled water. I guess it is still cheap for this kind of street food.

I am not sure if this dish is the famous Thai boat noodles. Maybe I had to go to certified Thai boat noodles shop near Victory Monument to see the difference with this noodles that I just tasted.

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  1. Looks familiar. I remember my dad buying something like that in Binondo. Can't remember na nga lang what it's called. =)

    1. Wow. This noodle is available in Binondo? I want to know where to buy this in Binondo.

  2. nice di talaga nalalayo sa pinas ee nu!
    pato food trips nagkakaiba iba lang ng names ee

  3. It is called Kao Lao and I had been to the same place and the food is so good. Water should be free, I wonder why you have to buy one. The chicharon is not that pricey and it goes well with the kao lao. I had never visited again, maybe, one of these days.

    1. Oh! Thank you for the information. Now I know the name of this noodles. I will update this blog post later to include the name of the noodle.

      I don't know that the water is free so I bought one bottled water. It is my first time to eat at this place so I'm a little bit ignorant.

      Makunat po ako kaya hindi bumili ng chicharon.

  4. natatakam nman ako dun sa dugo haha.. favorite ko kasi yan eh and I tried not to eat any pork or meat during the lent haha... now pwede na ulit ako magpaluto sa mama ko nung adobong dugo (pero ng manok kasi hindi maxadong malansa yun kesa pork) hehe

    1. Tama. Tapos na ang Lent kaya pwede nang kumain ng dugo.

  5. Replies
    1. Parang EDSA nga pero mas less traffic compared sa EDSA.

  6. Parang sa may Monumento lang sa Caloocan yang place ng Victory Monument lol

    Ang tsalap naman nung noodle soup mo. Kakaiba sya ha, kasi may betamax na sahog :))

    1. Yep. Parang sa Monumento nga lang ito pero mas dramatic ang posing ng mga statues sa Monumento compared sa Victory Monument.

      Betamax nga! Yan din yung una kong naisip noong nakita ko ito.

  7. Hmm, I don't think this is boat noodles. I have never tried it before. maybe will give it a try next time I go Bangkok : )

    1. It is not boat noodles. Jonathan commented above that it is called Kao Lao.

  8. Just a Thai passerby.

    ...My short wait was over and this is what I got:... >>> It's not Kao Lao. It's Guay Jaab (ก๋วยจั๊บ).

    Kao Loa is noodle without noodle. :) I mean you put all the ingredients: soup, vegetable, meat ball, etc. , but spare the noodle. It's beast eat with rice.

  9. Typo : "best" not "beast" Clumsy me!

    1. Hello Thai Passerby. :-)

      Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I do hope to visit your country again. I miss the Thai food, even though they are spicy.


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