Affordable Beach Resort at Bulan

One of the things that I like in Bulan is the Sabang Park and Beach Resort. I like it because it is very affordable. I only paid 5 pesos to enter this beach resort. This is the reason why the park and beach resort is packed with people. Anyone can bring their own family without paying so much just for a dip in the sea.
Sabang Beach Park and Beach Reost in Bulan, Bicolandia

Too bad that I reached Sabang Beach while I was walking around Bulan. I had no beach wear nor extra clothes so I didn't dare to dip in the sea. I didn't even had a companion that will guard my precious camera. I have no choice but to walk around the resort and take photos.

Sabang Beach is located at a place where the sea meets the river. The visitors of the beach resort can either swim on salt water or fresh water.
River beside Sabang Beach of Bulan, Bicolandia
The river beside Sabang and the place where it meets the sea.
The place boasts of a beach with fine sands. There are cottages that can be rented by families who are picnicking.
Cottages of Sabang Beach Resort in Bulan, Bicolandia

The sea is quite fine. People can dip in its waters during calm weather.

Sabang is both a beach resort and a park. Park amenities is just few meters away from the beach. I saw that Sabang Park and Beach Resort has a conference hall, which was being used by the members of Couples for Christ (CFC) during my visit. It is also a mini-zoo of sorts because there is a cage that holds some birds. There is a playground for the kids and some benches where couples “smoochie smoochie” without care.
Playground at Sabang Beach Resort in Bulan, Bicolandia

What interested me is an old monument that honors those who fought the Japanese during the Second World War.
World War 2 Monument at Sabang Beach Resort in Bulan, Bicolandia

I think that no one is honoring the Second World War heroes now based on the condition of the monument. No one, not even the resort management, cared to clean the monument.

The people of Bulan is blessed to have a beach resort that is so affordable and accessible. How I wish that we have this kind of beach resort in Manila. When will Metro Manilans enjoy a dip in a crystal clear water at place where Pasig River meets the Manila Bay? That is a dream that the people of Bulan enjoys now.

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  1. wow white sand din haha tanda ko sa sanjuan battangas mura din lng

  2. It's such a lovely place. Too bad you did not get to swim there.

  3. ang presko naman jan Ish especially dun sa Kiddie park

  4. MeCoy

    San Juan, Batangas? Malamang sa Laiya Aplaya 'yung beach na tinutukoy mo ano?


    Yeah. Too bad that I didn't swim.


    Presko talaga ang hangin sa Bulan.

  5. tiyak dahil dito sa post mo ay lalong makikilala ang beach resort na iyan...

  6. Arvin

    Sana nga ay lalong makilala ang beach resort na ito sa Bulan.

  7. P5 for a beach resort??/ That's so awesome! So cheap indeed! :)

  8. wow this is a nice resort@ mura and maganda! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Grysh Co

    Yeah. It is cheap indeed. I think it is being managed by Bulan government that's why it is affordable.

    Wander Shugah

    You are welcome! :-)

  10. Cool! I don't like swimming in salty water so the river's fine for me. Hehehe! =)

  11. Average Jane

    Too bad that you don't like salty water. You will miss the waves. Rivers only flows in one way and it has no waves.

  12. Wow! 5 pesos only? That's dirt cheap!!

  13. But the place looks a bit old right? Maybe need to be better maintained? Especially that monument!

  14. Foong

    Bulan Beach resort is well-maintained as compared to other public resorts and park that I saw. There are still parts that need improvement, though.

  15. This beach is sound unwind location. I have been here and can't wait the moment going there together with my family and friends again.

    Cebu Beach Resorts

  16. There are a lot more awesome beaches splattered around the coasts of Sorsogon. Try these the next time you visit the province:

    1. Rizal Beach in Gubat
    2. Sta. Magdalena
    3. Subic Beach in Matnog (off the coast of the southernmost point of Luzon)

    and many more!

    1. Thank you very much for your suggestions. Hope to visit Sorsogon this year.


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