Wrong Timing in Masbate City

“You are two weeks early for the rodeo!” This is the greeting made by our guide when we met him outside of the Masbate City airport. Indeed we are too early and I was saddened by that fact.

I was surprised the first time our guide told us about the Rodeo Festival. I thought that the Filipino cowboys can only be found in Bukidnon. We passed by a statue of a man ahorsed while we were going to the guide's house. The statue confirmed that Masbateño cowboys are real.
Rodeo statue in Masbate City, Bicolandia
(Photo by: Scott Stevenson)
Masbate City is the capital of Masbate, which is the southernmost province of Bicolandia. Our guide said that Masbateños are more Visayan than Bicolanos. I think that what he said is true since Masbate Island is close to the Visayan islands of Samar and Leyte.
Masbate Island, Bicolandia

How to Reach Masbate City

Visitors can reach Masbate City by sea or by air. There are RoRo vessels and ferry boats that connect Masbate City to other ports in Bicolandia and the Visayas. People from Metro Manila can ride the RoRo bus that will cross sea on a RoRo ship from Pilar, Sorsogon. Another alternative is to ride a boat from Bulan, Sorsogon to reach Masbate City. I just did that but on the reverse route when I traveled from Masbate City to Bulan.
Boat berthed at Masbate Port, Bicolandia
The boat Kulafu about to leave Masbate Port for Bulan.

I reached Masbate City by riding a Manila-Masbate flight of AirPhil Express in the early morning. Our guide said that AirPhil Express has one flight in the morning. Zest Air, he said, uses the Masbate Airport in the afternoon.

Very Short Tour around Masbate City

I went to Masbate City for some office errands. What I like with Masbate City is that it still has clear seas, which should be envied by inhabitants of Manila. Clear seas means that the city also has plenty of beach resorts. It is sad that I went to city of clear sea but have no time to swim because of work. Sobs!
Clear sea of Masbate City, Bicolandia

I just made a short tour around the poblacion just to ease my “itchy” feet.

Visitors who reached Masbate City by the sea route will be welcomed by this arch outside of Masbate Port:
Welcome arch of Masbate City, Bicolandia

My tour was uneventful. The only interesting place that I visited is the Masbate Cathedral.

The cathedral was established Spanish missonaries in 1578, which made it one of the oldest structure in the whole island. It was re-constructed in 1954. Masbate Cathedral was dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua.
Aisle and altar of Masbate Cathedral, Bicolandia
Aisle and altar of Masbate Cathedral.

I went to the Masbate City hall, their city park and markets but I was not able to shoot some photos. I will do it the next time I will visit Masbate City. I will take photos of the sea, beaches, and of course the action-packed Masbate Rodeo:
Bull riding during the Masbate Rodeo. (Source: Masbate.com)


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  1. hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng masbate...pero gaya ng sabi na mga nakapunta ng taga rito sa amin ay maganda raw diyan....hot spot nga lang kung eleksyon kasi madami krimen nangyayari may kaugnayan sa halalan..

  2. Maganda nga sa Masbate Arvin. Tama din ang sinabi mo about sa pagiging hotspot ng Masbate tuwing eleksyon.

    Madami ding NPA diyan sa Masbate. Pampadagdag din yung mga 'yun ng gulo.

  3. Sayang naman biyahe mo...Talaga bang we can't mix business with pleasure?

  4. Wow! Interesting! may Rodeo festival pala dyan! Sayang napaaga dating nyo. Sa susunod na lang siguro/

  5. sayang nmn peo mukang nging masay pa din nmn pag punta mo dyan eeh

  6. Oh! Wrong timing indeed! The Masbate Cathedral is nice : )

  7. Mavic Designs

    Mukhang ganun na nga. Sagabal ang trabaho sa lakwatsa.


    Sayang nga po eh. Di bale, madami namang next time. :-)


    Masaya pa din syempre. ^_^


    Indeed my friend!

  8. Hi there. I read your comment in one of my blogs, FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES. I would appreciate it so much if you could provide me with other NHCP errors. My case against them is not yet done. Thank you.

  9. nice trip there! perhaps you can return next year for the rodeo festival :)

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  10. Sayang naman. Hope you could catch it next time. =)

  11. Pepe Alas

    I have no information on the errors of NHCP. I will provide you the information if I ever get any.


    I do hope to return to Masbate City next year.

    Average Jane

    Sayang nga eh. *sigh*

  12. They have a rodeo there? Wow!!! That's so American. In fact, I think it does look like a cowboy town in the US. Nice, very nice...

  13. Yeah STP. Masbate City looks like a cowboy town. What's missing is the Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.

  14. Thanks to share the Grate and Nice Picture for all people Thanks to This Post Thanks


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